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Constitutional Law and Legal History

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SchauerPROFESSOR FREDERICK SCHAUER is one of the nation’s leading experts on legal theory and the First Amendment, and the author of numerous books on constitutional law, free speech and legal theory.

GoluboffPROFESSOR RISA GOLUBOFF has received several prestigious fellowships and recognition for her scholarship in legal history, including for her book “The Lost Promise of Civil Rights.” More

KendrickPROFESSOR LESLIE KENDRICK is an expert on the freedom of expression who teaches courses in torts, property and constitutional law. More

PrakashPROFESSOR SAIKRISHNA PRAKASH is an expert in presidential power and seperation of powers. He is author of a new book on the American presidency. More

WhitePROFESSOR G. EDWARD WHITE, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, is working on a three-volume series, "Law in American History." More


Virginia's faculty members have a broad range of expertise in constitutional law and legal history. Many are experts on the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court and several have argued before the court, including three full-time faculty members since 2010.

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