Criminal Law
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Criminal Law


The following is a list of courses offered during the current and two previous academic years. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2012-13 is coded (13), 2013-14 is coded (14) and 2014-15 is coded (15).


Advanced Criminal Law (15)
Advanced Criminal Law: Child Abuse Cases (JAG School) (13)
CaseFiles and Contracts (13,14,15)
Contemporary Debates in Criminal Law (13,14,15)
Crime and Punishment (13,14)
Criminal Adjudication (13,14,15)
Criminal Investigation (13,14,15)
Criminal Law in the Supreme Court (13)
Criminal Procedure (13,14,15)
Criminology (13)
Cyber Law and Policy (15)
Cybercrime (13,14,15)
Dispute Settlement in International Trade and Investment (13)
Federal Criminal Law (13,15)
Federal Law of Fraud and Corruption (15)
Federal Pretrial Litigation (14,15)
Federal Sentencing (13,14,15)
Free Expression in Cyberspace (13,14,15)
Habeas Corpus and Wrongful Convictions (13,14)
Immigration Enforcement (14)
Innocence Cases: How Much Is Enough? (13)
International Criminal Justice: Its Successes, Failures and Future Prospects (13,15)
International Financial Crimes (15)
Law of the Police (13,14,15)
Plea Bargaining (13,15)
Profiling (13,14)
Psychiatry and Criminal Law (13)
Rescue, Charity and Justice (13,14)
Rule of Law/Security Cooperation (JAG School) (14,15)
Scientific Evidence (14)
Social Science in Law (13,14,15)
Special Topics in Physical and Sexual Abuse Cases (JAG School) (14,15)
Survey of Military Justice (13,14,15)
War Crimes (JAG School) (14,15)
White Collar Crime (13)
White Collar Criminal Defense Practice (14,15)


Capital Post-Conviction Clinic (13)
Criminal Defense Clinic (13,14,15) 
Innocence Project Clinic (13,14,15) 
Prosecution Clinic (13,14,15) 

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