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Jobs & Fellowships

Law faculty meet with students to discuss fellowship and career opportunities, and students are invited to join an email list to regularly receive job and fellowship announcements. The faculty, many of whom have worked abroad, also offer a significant networking resource for those interested in human rights work. Students interested in human rights work in the United States and abroad have access to summer grants of $3,500 (first year) and $6,000 (second year) from the student-run Public Interest Law Association.

Summer Fellowships

The student-run Public Interest Law Association offers grants, from approximately $3,500 to $6,000, to help fund a broad array of summer public interest opportunities. Last summer students worked for:

See Where PILA Grantees Worked.

Postgraduate Fellowships

Several opportunities for public international law related fellowships are available to Virginia graduates, including:

Orrick International Law Fellowship Provides $55,000 in funding for 3L students or recent graduates who are pursuing clerkships with an international tribunal or constitutional court.
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Orrick International Law Fellowship for the International Court of Justice Traineeship Programme) Virginia Law is one of a select group of American law schools who nominate candidates for a clerkship with the ICJ. The Orrick International Court of Justice Traineeship Fellow receives up to $55,000 to support the nine-month clerkship, which is open to graduates in the five most recent classes.
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Monroe Leigh Fellowship in International Law
Provides a total of $10,000 for one or two students to pursue a public international law project of their own during a summer internship, during their third year, or after graduation.
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The Law School’s Mortimer Caplin Public Service Center also offers a generous loan forgiveness program for students who take lower-paying public service positions after graduation.

Alumni Network

The program maintains a network of recent graduates involved in the human rights law field. Alumni employers include:

Human Rights Listserv

Through the human rights listserv, the Program provides students information about human rights jobs and fellowship opportunities. To join the listserv, contact Cindy Derrick.

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