International Law


The following is a list of courses offered during the current and two previous academic years. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2012-13 is coded (13), 2013-14 is coded (14) and 2014-15 is coded (15).


Admiralty (13,15)
Advanced Topics in the Law of Armed Conflict (JAG School) (13,14,15)
An American Half-Century (13,14,15)
Anti-Terrorism, Law and the Role of Intelligence (13,14,15)
Antitrust in the Global Economy (13,14)
Building the Rule of Law (14,15)
Citizenship and Group Identity (13)
Climate Change: Science, Markets and Policy (13,14)
Commercial Sales Transactions: Domestic and International (14)
Comparative Constitutional Design (13,14)
Comparative Law in Post-Communist Countries (14)
Constitution-Making (15)
Current Issues in the Laws of War (15)
Current Legal Ideas (14)
Current Topics in International and Operational Law (JAG School) (13,14,15)
Developing Countries in International Economic Law (13)
European Union Law (13,14,15)
Foreign Relations Law (13,14,15)
French Public and Private Law (13,14,15)
Gender Justice and State Responsibility (14)
Global Health Law and Policy (13,14,15)
Globalization and International Civil Litigation (13,14,15)
Human Rights, Public International Law and the Scholarly Process (13)
Immigration Law (13,14,15)
Indochina War: Legal and Policy Issues (13,15)
Intelligence Law Reform (13,14,15)
International and Foreign Legal Research (13,14,15)
International Arbitration (15)
International Banking Transactions (13,14,15)
International Business Negotiation (14,15)
International Business Transactions (13)
International Civil Litigation (15)
International Criminal Justice: Its Successes, Failures and Future Prospects (13,15)
International Financial Crimes (15)
International Financial Regulation (14)
International Human Rights Law (13,14,15)
International Ifs in the Mid-Twentieth Century (14,15)
International Intellectual Property (15)
International Investment Law (13,14,15)
International Law (13,14,15)
International Law and International Relations (14,15)
International Law and the Use of Force (13,14,15)
International Patent Law and Policy (13,15)
International Patent Law and Policy Seminar (14)
International Tax Policy (14,15)
International Taxation (14)
International Trade Law (15)
International Trade Regulation (13)
Introduction to the Civil Law Tradition (14)
Irregular Warfare (13)
Israeli Health Law and Bioethics (14,15)
Law and Ethics of Human Subject Research (14)
Law and Terrorism (JAG School) (15)
Law of Sea, Air and Space Operations (JAG School) (13,14,15)
Law of Treaties (15)
Law of War (13,14,15)
Laws of War: Contemporary Debates (13)
Laws of War: Contemporary Debates (Short Course) (14,15)
National Security Law (13,14,15)
Oceans Law and Policy (13,14,15)
Presidential Powers (13,14,15)
Rescue, Charity and Justice (13,14)
Rights of Indigenous Peoples (15)
Rule of Law/Security Cooperation (JAG School) (14,15)
War and Peace: New Thinking about the Causes of War and War Avoidance (14)
War Crimes (JAG School) (14,15)


Immigration Law Clinic (13,14,15)
International Human Rights Law Clinic (14,15)

Curricular Concentrations

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