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The following is a list of courses offered during the current and two previous academic years. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2011-12 is coded (12), 2012-13 is coded (13) and 2013-14 is coded (14).


Accounting: Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statements (12,13,14)
Advising the Board of Directors in a Mergers and Acquisitions World (12,13,14)
Agency and Partnership (12,13,14)
Airline Industry and Aviation Law (12,13,14)
Antitrust (12,13,14)
Antitrust in the Global Economy (12,13,14)
Antitrust Practice (12,13,14)
Antitrust Review of Mergers in a Global Environment (12,13,14)
Applied Problem Solving (12,13,14)
Bankruptcy (12,13,14)
Bankruptcy (Law & Business) (12,13,14)
Business Reorganization Under Chapter 11 (12,13,14)
Class Actions and Complex Litigation (12)
Corporate Finance (12,13,14)
Corporate Law Policy (12,13,14)
Corporate Strategy (12,14)
Corporations (12,13,14)
Corporations (Law & Business) (12,13,14)
Current Issues in Corporate Law and Governance (12,13,14)
Emerging Growth Companies and Venture Capital Financing: Principles and Practice (12,13,14)
Emerging Markets: Principles and Practice (12,13,14)
Energy Businesses and Transactions (13,14)
Ethics and Integrity for Law Firm Lawyers and Their Clients (12,13,14)
Federal Regulation of Investment Companies (14)
Finance of Small Enterprises (12,13,14)
Franchise Law (12,13,14)
Governance and Control of the Multinational Business Enterprise (12)
Hedge Funds: Contract and Regulation (12,13)
International Banking Transactions (12,13)
International Business Negotiation (14)
International Financial Regulation (14)
Law and Business Management in the Healthcare Sector (12)
Law and Economics Colloquium (12,13,14)
Law and Game Theory (12)
Law Firm as a Business Organization (12,13)
Leadership and Team Management (12,13,14)
Legal Issues in Corporate Finance (14)
Legal Practice and the Startup Company; An Inside Look (14)
Legislation (14)
Nonprofit Organizations (12,13,14)
Private Equity and Hedge Funds (13,14)
Private Equity Deals and Firms (12)
Pro Bono at Large Law Firms (12)
Quantitative Methods (12)
Real Estate Transactions: Principles and Practice (12,13)
Responses to the Financial Crisis (12,13,14)
SEC and Class Action Enforcement of the Federal Securities Laws (13,14)
Secured Transactions (12,13)
Secured Transactions (Law & Business) (12)
Securities Regulation (12,13,14)
Start-up of a Biotech Company (12,13)
Start-up of a Medtech Company (14)
Structure of Enterprise (13)
Thinking Strategically in Law, Business, Poker and War (11)
Topics in Corporate Governance (11)
Transactional Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions (12,13)


Nonprofit Clinic (12,13,14)
Transactional Law Clinic (12,13,14)


Related Concentrations: Commercial Law, Communications and Media Law, Intellectual Property, Employment and Labor Law, Tax Law

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