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Advanced Courses

Advanced courses prepare students to work on the challenging problems and issues that currently face practitioners and put legal and business analysis into practical, real-world settings. Many courses limit enrollment and are “hands on,” with students working on deal documents and agreements and engaging in negotiating and counseling exercises. They instill the importance of understanding a client’s business objectives and finding constructive solutions to business problems. The instructors are full-time faculty members or experienced practitioners from law firms, companies, or government committed to preparing the next generation of leading business lawyers and company executives. 

Typically offered in small seminar settings, advanced courses prepare students for real-world situations and teach students how to use the law to find constructive solutions to business problems. Top practitioners from law firms, business and government, as well as UVA faculty, engage students in hands-on practice, such as structuring deals and exercises in negotiating and counseling. These opportunities reflect Virginia's commitment to preparing the next generation of leading business lawyers and corporate executives.

Courses in recent years include:

Advising the Board of Directors in a Mergers and Acquisitions World, taught by Myron T. Steele, former chief justice of the Delaware Supreme Court, and Mark Morton, an experienced practitioner in Delaware.

Corporate Strategy and Leadership and Team Management, taught by Jim Donovan, a managing director of Goldman Sachs.

Courses on international business transactions that examine legal and regulatory structures affecting foreign investors seeking to participate in the development of “emerging markets,” taught by UVA Law professor Paul Stephan and Richard Dean, an experienced practitioner; and courses simulating negotiation sessions with the counterparty, taught by Ned Martin, an experienced former practitioner.

Health Law Survey, taught by UVA Law professor Margaret Foster Riley.

International Banking Transactions, taught by Christof Fritzen, former managing director of Deutsche Bank AG.

Regulation of Investment Companies, taught by Robert Zack, former general counsel of Oppenheimer Funds. 

Transactional Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions, taught by UVA Law professor Albert Choi or experienced practitioners.

Private Equity and Hedge Funds, taught by UVA Law professor Ethan Yale and Edward Klees, general counsel of an investment management company.  The course examines the securities, contractual and tax aspects of forming, managing and investing in private equity and hedge funds. 

Real estate transactions, taught by UVA Law professor Thomas White and experienced practitioners. The course analyzes financial structures to invest in and develop real estate.

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