Updates to the Academic Policies

The Academic Policies were published on June 17, 2014. Updates to the site are made throughout the year; those changes are dated and noted in the policies text in red.


In Section VII, this line and link was added: View a summary of recent committee activity.


In Section I.L, a typo was corrected: While transfer students are eligible for Order of the Coif membership, their grades at their prior schools will not be used in considering their eligibility.


In Section I.I, this language was added: The Law School does not entertain appeals or grievances of the faculty’s academic evaluation of students.

In Section VI. C
, sections for J.D. and LL.M. students were broken out, and this line was added under LL.M. Students:
Students wishing to enroll in fewer than 12 credits (on a part-time basis) must demonstrate exceptional circumstances and obtain the approval of the Vice Dean.