Academics: Professional Training

Consumer Law Clinic

Adjunct Professors Edward M. Wayland, Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg, Angela Ciolfi and Kim Rolla; 8 credits

In this yearlong clinic, students help represent clients with consumer law issues, such as debt collection and other debt-related issues. Acting in cooperation with the Legal Aid Justice Center (LAJC), they gain experience interviewing clients, investigating complaints, drafting court documents, doing discovery, negotiating and perhaps questioning witnesses and presenting arguments in court.  

The course requires students to participate in case work in both the fall and spring semesters. In addition, in the fall, students meet once a week in a seminar to learn basic information about various consumer protection statutes while doing exercises covering the entire range of client representation. They also learn about the role of the recently created Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, a federal agency set up to help protect consumers. In the seminar, students will hear from guest speakers on problems that consumers face and practical suggestions for ways they can protect consumers’ rights. Finally, students are given the chance to identify ways that the rules affecting consumers should be changed and to work on making such changes happen.

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