Entrepreneurial Law Clinic
Academics: Professional Training

Entrepreneurial Law Clinic

ADJUNCT PROFESSORS Rob C. Masri and pamela rosen; 3 CREDITS | Application and Full Description

The Entrepreneurial Law Clinic involves instruction and practical training on advising startup companies and drafting basic corporate documentation. As part of the clinic, students will work with entrepreneurs who are starting new companies, such as Darden students who have been accepted to participate in the Darden Business Incubator.

As preparation for advising startup companies, students participate in a series of class sessions over the first half of the semester covering the topics most frequently encountered by startup businesses, including pre-venture counseling, entity choice, formation documents, shareholder agreements, IP protection, etc. Then, students receive first-hand experience in working with real startup companies under the supervision of the course instructor and supervisor. The students take the lead role in working with the entrepreneurs, including conducting interviews, performing research, providing a legal plan for the business, identifying documents to be drafted and drafting documents. (The clinics does not provide counsel on: litigation, patents, securities regulation, tax matters, public mergers or acquisitions, or international trade.)

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