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The following is a list of courses offered during the current and two previous academic years. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2012-13 is coded (13), 2013-14 is coded (14) and 2014-15 is coded (15).


Administrative Law (13,14,15)
Advanced Campaign Finance (15)
Advanced Contracts (14)
Advanced Natural Resources Law: Energy and Water Resources (14)
Advanced Topics in the First Amendment (Religion Clauses) (13,14,15)
Advising the Board of Directors (13,14,15)
Age of Majority (15)
Airline Industry and Aviation Law (14,15)
Animal Law (13,14,15)
Antitrust (13,14,15)
Antitrust Practice (13,14,15)
Antitrust Review Mergers in a Global Environment (13,14,15)
Applied Problem Solving (13,14,15)
Banking and Financial Institutions (13,14,15)
Baseball (13,14,15)
Business and Governmental Tort Liability (15)
Changing Practice of Medicine (13,14,15)
Children and the Law (13)
Children and the Law (Short Course) (14)
Citizenship and Group Identity (13)
Climate Change: Science, Markets and Policy (13,14)
Comparative Education Law and Policy (13)
Consumer Law (13,14,15)
Criminology (13)
Employment Law: Health and Safety (13,14,15)
Energy and Environmental Products Trading and Commodities Regulation (14,15)
Energy and the Environment (15)
Energy Regulation and Policy (13,14,15)
Environmental Law (13,14,15)
Federal Income Tax (13,14,15)
Federal Land and Natural Resource Law (13,14,15)
Federal Law of Fraud and Corruption (15)
Federal Lawyer (13)
Federal Regulation Investment Companies (13,14,15)
Food and Drug Law (14)
Foundations of Climate Change Law and Policy (15)
Gender, Status and Economics (13,14,15)
Government Ethics: Conflicts of Interest, Lobbying and Campaign Finance (13,14,15)
Health Care Marketplace: Competition, Regulation and Reform (13,15)
Historic Preservation Law (13,14,15)
Immigration Enforcement (14)
Immigration Law (13,14,15)
International Trade Law (15)
Juvenile Justice Reform (13)
Land Use Law (13,14,15)
Law and Business Management in the Health Care Sector (15)
Law and Economics (15)
Law and Economics of Regulatory Science (14)
Law and Ethics of Human Subject Research (14)
Law and Public Service (13,14,15)
Law of Body Parts (15)
Law of Reproduction (13)
Law of the Police (13,14,15)
Legal and Moral Reasoning in Public Policy (13,14)
Legislation (13,14,15)
Legislative Drafting and Public Policy (13,14,15)
Literature, Law and the Environment (14)
The Monetary Constitution (13,14,15) 
Money and Rights (15)
Movement Lawyering for Global Justice (14,15)
New Frontiers in Clinical Ethics and Law (13,14,15)
Office of the Solicitor General (13,14)
Professional Responsibility for Tax Lawyers (15)
Property Theory (13)
Public Interest Law and Advocacy Skills (13,14,15)
Regulation and Deregulation of U.S. Industries (13,14,15)
Regulation of the Political Process (13,14,15)
Reproductive Ethics and Law (15)
Responses to the Financial Crisis (13,14,15)
Right to Education in U.S.: Real or Hollow? (13,14)
Risk Regulation (15)
Scientific Evidence (14)
Social Work of Law (14,15)
Special Education Law (14)
Theory and Practice of Biodiversity Conservation (13,14,15)
Toxic Chemicals in the Environment (14,15)
Transactional Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions (13,14)
Urban Law and Policy (13,14,15)
Varieties of Financial Distress (14)
Work and Family in Law and Culture (14)


Consumer Law Clinic (15) 
Environmental Law and Conservation Clinic (13,14)
Housing Law Clinic (13,14,15) 
Immigration Law Clinic (13,14,15)

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