2005-2006 Law School Foundation Annual Report
2005-2006 Annual Report
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Dean JeffriesDean's Message

IN THE LAST fiscal year, more than 51 percent of our graduates made gifts to the Law School. To my knowledge, this is the first time that any law school, public or private, has received gifts from half its graduates in a single year. The credit for this success belongs to you. As highlighted in the following pages, your gifts enable us to reward more students with much deserved financial aid, support faculty, and sponsor events and programs that help make the Law School a great place to work and study.

Special thanks go to a remarkable group of dedicated people—the more than 750 alumni who volunteer each year to help with annual giving. Their efforts in contacting classmates and colleagues on behalf of the school make all the difference.

As our participation rate shows, Virginia has the most faithful and committed alumni in the country. This reservoir of affection and loyalty is our institution’s greatest strength.

Emerson Spies Professor
Arnold H. Leon Professor