Faculty News


Paul G. Mahoney
Dean; David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of Law; Arnold H. Leon Professor of Law

Lu Alvarez, President and Chief Executive Officer, Law School Foundation

Elizabeth Averill, Director of Public Service

Gary F. Banks, Chief Technology Officer

Josiah M. Black, Director of Admissions

Grace Applefeld Cleveland, Director of Admissions

Sarah E. Davies, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Kevin M. Donovan, Senior Assistant Dean for Career Services

Jason Dugas, Assistant Dean for Academic Services and Registrar

Troy Dunaway, Senior Assistant Dean for Business and Finance

Kimberly Carpenter Emery, Assistant Dean for Pro Bono and Public Interest

Cordel L. Faulk, Interim Assistant Dean for Admissions

George S. Geis, Vice Dean, Professor of Law

Patrice Hayden, Director of Law Firm Recruiting

Jennifer Markham Hulvey, Director of Financial Aid

Annie Kim, Assistant Dean for Public Service, Director of the Mortimer Caplin Public Service Center

Polly Lawson, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies

Edith L. Morris, Special Assistant to the Dean

Stephen T. Parr, Senior Associate Dean for Administration

Ruth Payne, Director of Judicial Clerkships

A. Sprightley Ryan, Associate Professor of Law, General Faculty; Director of Externships

Joby Ryan, Director of Career Services

Gregory B. Streit, Assistant Dean for Building Services

Mary M. Wood, Chief Communications Officer

Amanda S. Yale, Director of Public Service


Taylor Fitchett
Library Director

Leslie Ashbrook, Research Librarian

Jonathan Ashley, Business and Empirical Research Librarian

Benjamin Doherty, Head of Instructional Services

Kristin Glover, Research Librarian

Kip Gobin, Cataloging and Acquisitions Librarian

Micheal T. Klepper, Communications and Publications Librarian

Xinh T. Luu, International & Foreign Law Librarian

Loren Moulds, Digital Collections Librarian

Kent Olson, Head of Research Services

Cathy Palombi, Access Services Librarian

John Roper, Administrative Services and Research Librarian

Amy Wharton, Research and Emerging Technologies Librarian

Joseph J. Wynne, Systems Librarian