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Deborah Hellman focuses on the philosophical underpinnings of foundational constitutional issues. She has written extensively on anti-discrimination law, asking what is morally wrong about discrimination and what positive and normative implications follow. Her own answer is provided in her book, When Is Discrimination Wrong?


A. E. Dick Howard is one of the legends of Virginia's faculty. He made his name not merely as a constitutional scholar but as a constitutional draftsman, having contributed to more than a dozen of the world's current constitutions. His scholarship addresses governmental structure and fundamental rights from Magna Carta to the present, and judicial review from Coke to the Roberts Court.


Saikrishna Prakash is one of the nation's leading theorists of presidential powers and a proponent of the "unitary executive," or the view that the President has the constitutional authority to direct the execution of the laws by executive branch officers. His primary methodology is originalism, but he is a careful and subtle reader of the Constitution's text and of case law.