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Faculty Workshops, 2003-2004

Daryl Levinson, NYU
"Collective Sanctions"

Bob O’Neil
"New Perspectives on Old Issues of Privacy"

Glen Robinson
"Personal Property Servitudes"

Clarisa Long
"Cognitive Costs and the Theoretical Structure of Intellectual Property"

Larry Walker & John Monahan
"From Cimino to Simon II: A New Era for Sampling Evidence"

John Manning, Columbia
"The Eleventh Amendment and Constitutional Method"

Jeff Rachlinski, Cornell/Harvard
"Inside the Judicial Mind: Can Judges Ignore Inadmissible Information?"

Rosa Brooks
"War Everywhere: Human Rights, National Security, and the Law of Armed Conflict in the Age of Terrorism"

Darryl Brown, Washington & Lee
"Cost Benefit Analysis in Criminal Law"

George Triantis & Bob Scott
"A Theory of Contract Options"

Paul Stephan & Bob Scott
"Self-Enforcing International Agreements"

Reva Siegel, Yale
"Equality Talk"

Eric Posner, Chicago
"A Theory of International Law"

Richard McAdams, Illinois
"An Experimental Test of The Focal Point Theory of Expressive Law"

Henry Smith, Yale
"Property and Property Rules"

Tim Wu
"Copyright's Communications Policy"

Elizabeth Scott
"Marriage, Cohabitation and Collective Responsibility for Dependency"

Kevin Kordana
"Rawls, Bankruptcy & Contracts"

Bill Stuntz, Harvard
"Criminal Injustice: Crime and Punishment from Jim Crow to the War on Terror"

Ron Daniels, University of Toronto
"Defecting on Development: Bilateral Investment Treaties and the Subversion of the Rule of Law in the Developing World"

Anup Malani
"The Effect of Joint and Several Liability on the Incentive of Defendants to Declare Bankruptcy: Evidence from Asbestos Litigation"

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