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Faculty Workshops, 2004-2005

Spring 2005

January 21 Darryl Brown, Criminal Adjudication and the Regulation of Fact Finding
January 28 NO WORKSHOPJournal of Law and Politics Symposium
February 4 Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Elites, Social Movements, and the Law
February 11 Caleb Nelson, The Persistence of General Law
February 18 Robert Scott, George Triantis, Rules and Standards in Contract Design
February 25 Mitu Galati, What Causes Changes in Boilerplate Contracts?
March 4 NO WORKSHOP - spring break follows

March 11 NO WORKSHOP - spring break
March 18 Greg Mitchell, An Argument and Plan for Reforming the Rules of Evidence

March 25 Richard Bonnie, Gil Siegal, Increasing the Supply of Organs for Transplantation: Outline | Full Article
April 1 Tim Wu, Treaties' Domains
April 8 Peter Brooks, Narrative Transactions - Does the Law Need a Narratology?
April 15 John Setear, A Forest with No Trees: The Supreme Court and International Law in the 2003 Term

April 22 Bob O’Neil, Second Thoughts on the First Amendment
April 29 Anup Malani, Do Golden Parachutes Hurt Shareholders? (with Rajesh Aggarwal)

Fall 2004

September 10 Tom Lee (Fordham), The Hidden History of the Alien Tort Statute and Its Implications for Modern Human Rights Litigation in U.S. Federal Courts
September 17 Jeff O’Connell, An Economic Model of Costing “Early Offers”Medical Malpractice Reform
September 24 Tom Nachbar, Monopoly, Mercantilism and Intellectual Property
October 1 [Olin Conference]
October 15 Rich Schragger, The Anti-Chain Store Movement.
October 22 Kyle Logue (in-house visitor), The New Market in Tax Insurance: Curbing (or Enabling?) Tax Shelters
October 29 Albert Choi, Making the Buyer Responsible for the Seller’s Wrongs: An Analysis of Successor Corporation Liability
November 5 Larry Walker, The Other Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
November 12 Myriam Gilles, Opting Out of Liability: The Forthcoming Near-Total Demise of the Modern Class Action
November 19 Dan Markovits (Yale), Democratic Disobedience
November 26 Thanksgiving Break
December 3 Curtis Bradley and Jack Goldsmith, Congressional Authorization and the War on Terrorism

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