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Spring 2007
Faculty Lounge, 3:30 pm

January 26 David Strauss, Chicago, The Modernizing Mission of Judicial Review
February 2    Rich Hynes, William & Mary, State Court Debt Collection in the Old Dominion: Too Broke for Bankruptcy?
February 9 Anthony Bellia, Notre Dame, The Origins of Article III “Arising Under” Jurisdiction
February 16 Robert Mikos, UC Davis Law School, The Populist Safeguards of Federalism
February 23 Patricia Bellia, Notre Dame, A Second-Order Theory of Communications Surveillance Law
March 16 Anne Coughlin, Interrogation Stories
March 30       Heather Gerken, Yale, Dissenting by Deciding
April 6 Kevin Kordana and David Tabachnik, "The Myth of Ownership" and Contractual Associations
April 13 John Mikhail, Georgetown, Universal Moral Grammar and Its Implications for Legal Theory
April 20 Paul Halliday, UVA Department of History, The Suspension Clause: English Text, Imperial Contexts
April 27 Dirk Hartog, Princeton University, Planning for Old Age: The Work of Promises before Social Security


Fall 2006
Faculty Lounge, 3:30 pm

September 8  Ted White, The Jurisprudence of the Rehnquist Court
September 15    Susan Sturm, Columbia Law School, Conflict Resolution and Systemic Change
September 22 Ed KitchCopyright and the Internet
September 29 Richard Primus, University of Michigan Law School, When to be an Originalist
October 6 No Workshop - Beginning of Fall Break
October 13  Kathy Zeiler, Georgetown Law School,  Physicians’ Insurance Limits and Malpractice Payments: Evidence from Texas Closed Claims
October 20   Paul Stephan, Private Remedies for Treaty Violations after Sanchez-Llamas
October 27               Gregory Klass, Georgetown University Law Center, Contracting for the Case of Breach: Second-Order Duties and Extracompensatory Remedies
November 3 Lee Fennell, Illinois Law School, Property and Half-Torts
November 10  Mike Vandenburgh, Vanderbilt Law School, The New WAL-MART Effect: The Role of Private Contracting in Global Goverance
November 17  Brandon Garrett, Structural Reform Prosecution
December 1 Stephen Bainbridge, UCLA, UNOCAL at 20: Director Primacy
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