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Faculty Workshops

Summer 2008
Faculty Lounge, 12 p.m.

May 27 Ken Abraham, “The Influence of the Common Law Prohibition on Party Testimony on the Development of Tort Law, 1600-1850
June 3 Margo Bagley, “A Need for Speed (and Grace): Life in a First-Inventor-to-File World
June 10 George Cohen, “The Fault that Lies within Our Contract Law
June 17 George Rutherglen, “The Anomalous 13th Amendment
June 24 Richard Bonnie, TBA
July 1 Rachel Harmon, “Legal Regulation of the Police
July 7 John Harrison, David Martin & Ted White, Discussion of Supreme Court’s forthcoming opinion in Boumediene v. Bush (please encourage RAs to attend and ask questions)
July 15 Brandon Garrett, “Reforming Forensic Science to Prevent Wrongful Convictions
July 22 Rich Schragger, “Mobile Capital, Local Power, and a Nascent Economic Citizenship
July 29 Risa Goluboff, “People out of Place: Vagrancy, the Supreme Court, and the Sixties
Aug. 5 Tomiko Brown-Nagin, TBA

Spring 2008
Faculty Lounge, 3:30 pm

January 25 Jim Gibson, University of Richmond, Unreasonable Care
February 1 Gil Seinfeld, University of Michigan, The Federal Courts as Franchise: Rethinking the Tripartite Mantra of Federal Question Jurisdiction
February 8 Devah Pager, Princeton University, Race at Work: A Field Experiment of Discrimination in Low-Wage Labor Markets
February 15 Saikrishna Prakash, San Diego, The Separation and Overlap of War and Military Powers
February 22 George Geis, University of Alabama, The Space Between Markets and Hierarchies
February 29 No Workshop—Spring Break
March 7 No Workshop—Spring Break
March 14 Tonja Jacobi, Northwestern Law School, Super Medians
March 21 Neil Duxbury, University of London, Golden Rule Reasoning, Moral Judgement and Law
March 28 Matthew Sag, DePaul Law School, Copyright and Copy-Reliant Technologies
April 4 Gia Lee, UCLA Law School, Free Speech Deference
April 11 Adam Levitin, Georgetown Law Center, Mortgage Market Sensitivity to Bankruptcy Modification
April 18 Alex Raskolnikov, Columbia Law School, Beyond Deterrence: Targeting Tax Enforcement with a Penalty Default
April 25 Ed Morrison, Columbia Law School, Creditor Control and Conflict in Chapter 11


Fall 2007
Faculty Lounge, 3:30 pm

September 7  Rebecca Tushnet, Georgetown Law School, Volunteers from the Audience: Audience Interests and the First Amendment
September 14   William Widen, University of Miami School of Law, Should Theories of Asset Partitioning Be Revised?
September 21 R. Richard Banks, Stanford Law School, Race Consciousness, Color Blindness and Antidiscrimination Doctrine
September 28 Kevin Washburn, University of Minnesota Law School, Restoring the Grand Jury
October 5 No Workshop - Beginning of Fall Break
October 12 Richard Schragger, Cities, Economic Development, and the Free Trade Constitution
October 19  Thomas Lee, Fordham Law School, Theorizing the Foreign Affairs Constitution
October 26 Devon Carbado, UCLA Law School, What Exactly is Discrimination on the Basis of Race?
November 2 Amy Barrett, Notre Dame Law School, Procedural Common Law
November 9 J.B. Ruhl, Florida State College, Climate Change and the Endangered Species Act: Building Bridges to the No-Analog Future
November 16 Jody Kraus and Robert Scott, Columbia Law School, Contract Design and the Structure of Contractual Intent
November 30 Curtis Bradley, Duke Law School, The Story of Ex parte Milligan: Military Trials, Enemy Combatants, and Congressional Authorization
December 7 David Klein, University of Virginia Politics Department, Modesty, Of a Sort, in the Setting of Precedents

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