The Class of 2012 Graduation Gift Campaign: #Giving


The Class of 2012 Graduation Gift Campaign: #Giving

History of the Class Gift

Class Gift Poster

Dean and students

From left: Maddy Rodriguez, Jen Becker, Dean Paul
Mahoney, and Stacy Chung

Students sign pledge

2012 Class Agents in the "Draft Room"
choosing students to draft


Class Agent Ellen Cornutt '12

The Class of 2012 concluded its Graduation Gift Pledge Drive with 296 members (82%) participating.

Virginia Law ranks #1 among the nation's law schools in alumni participation in annual giving and the Class of 2012 joins the ranks of UVA Law Alumni by continuing the legacy of support. The Class, like other young alumni, gives the promise of future support as their gift to the University at graduation.

Young alumni have set amazing participation rates in the last 10 years, with 80+% participation rates. The Class of 2012 leaves its mark as a class that not only contributed to the Law School community in considerable ways during their time at Virginia, but as a class remembered for continuing this tradition of involvement long after they’ve taken their final steps through these historic grounds. Their legacy will be seen as a gift of gratitude to the thousands of alumni and as a challenge to those students who follow us to continue the tradition of alumni support.

Please join the Class of 2012 #GIVING Campaign with your support. Every gift counts, every gift matters. 

Your participation helps to secure the Law School's future and honor its past.

Class of 2012 Graduation Gift Co-Chairs
Jen Becker
Stacy Chung
Maddy Rodriguez

Class of 2012 Class Agents
Michelle Anderson
Eileene Braxton
Kristen Bromberek
Ellen Cornutt
Scott Galla
Jessica Garcia
Hayley Haldeman
Blaire Hawkins
Nicole Hrusovsky
Laura Jenkins
Jamie Kaiser
Vivian Kim
Rob Kiss
Barlow Mann
Rob Manoso
Courtney Marello
Ben Massey
Ben Mayer
Caitlin McLaughlin
Katie Morris
Mike Moskowitz
Laura Paliani
Julie Patter
Tom Perez-Lopez
Kent Piacenti
Chris Poe
Brian Polley
Amber Randolph
Chris Reilly
Laura Richardson
Joel Sanderson
Brendan Staley
Sanjiv Tata
Peter Trentman
Laura Venker
Amber Wiliiams
Lindsey Yeargin
Tyler Young

For information contact Laura Pietro, Director of Donor Relations and Young Alumni Development, (434) 924-3406.