Class of 2017 Graduation Gift Campaign


Class of 2017 Graduation Gift Campaign Kicks Off

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Class Gift Committee co-chairs Sami Al-Marzoog, Charis Redmond and Alex Haden

Class Gift Committee co-chairs Sami Al-Marzoog,
Charis Redmond and Alex Haden

The Class of 2017 has kicked off its graduation gift pledge drive: 0017 License to Give.

Led by Class Gift Co-Chairs Sami Al-Marzoog, Alex Haden, and Charis Redmond, the Campaign’s 33 class agent volunteers will be reaching out to every classmate to ask for the pledge of future support as a graduation gift to the Law School.

More than 50% of Virginia Law's alumni have participated in the annual giving campaign for 11 consecutive years. The school's young alumni have set amazing pledge participation rates in the last 12 years, with more than 80% of each graduating class pledging their support.

The Class of 2017 wants to make its mark as a class that not only contributed to the Law School community in considerable ways during their time at Virginia, but also as a class continuing this tradition of involvement long after they’ve taken their final steps through the historic grounds of UVA.

Their legacy will be seen as a gift of gratitude to the thousands of alumni who support the Law School each year, and, as a challenge to those students who will follow.

Please join the class and make a pledge in the “0017 License to Give” Campaign. Every pledge counts, every pledge matters. Your participation helps secure the Law School’s future and honor its past.

Class Committee Co-Chairs
Alexander C. Haden
Charis A. Redmond
Sami K. Al-Marzoog

Class Agents
Zachary Alvarez
Christina Aylward
Ajani Brown
Michelle Butler
Caroline Catchpole
A.J. Collins
Danielle Desaulniers
Hannah Dunham
Jonathan Elsasser
Jasmine Esmailbegui
Diego Flores
Joshua Freda
Daniel Friel
Nate Freeman
Eli Heller
Suzy Lee
Amanda Leon
Madison Marcus
Nicole Marschean
Will McManus
Brady Mickelsen
Alison Mulry
Lauren Nevidomsky
Nihar Patel
Shannon Rice
Gannam Rifkah
Adam Stempel
Nick Suellentrop
Christine Sun
A.J. Swartwood
Mark Thaler
Monica Trueba
Phoebe Willis

For information contact Jasmine Yoon '06, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Law School Foundation, (434) 924-7506.

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