dillard scholarships
$1.5 million

Established in 1984, the Dillard Scholarships are the Law School's premier full scholarship awards. Each endowment gift of $1.5 million carries the name of the donor, in association with that of Hardy Cross Dillard ’27, the fifth dean of the Law School. Dillard Scholarships enable Virginia to attract exceptional students who could attend any law school in the country. Dillard Scholarships are used to identify students whose remarkable abilities, demonstrated commitments, and varied backgrounds suggest the potential for extraordinary leadership, in the Law School community and beyond.

Named Dean's Scholarships
$1 million
Named Scholarships
$750,000, $500,000, and $250,000

Named scholarships, which carry the names of their donors, enable the Law School to attract exceptional applicants who have been offered major scholarship support elsewhere. Unusually accomplished applicants who wish to attend the Law School are sometimes lured away by generous offers of financial support from other institutions. Named scholarships make it possible to recruit such students to Virginia. They are awarded to persons of particular merit, promise, or need, and are intended to provide substantial tuition assistance. A named scholarship gift of $750,000 covers more than half of tuition and substantially reduces a student's need for student loans. A named scholarship of $500,000 provides less support, but nonetheless significantly reduces dependence on student loans. A named scholarship of $250,000 enables students to attend the Law School while limiting debt incurred.