Unrestricted Giving: Lifeblood of the Law School


Unrestricted Giving: Lifeblood of the Law School

Unrestricted annual gifts—contributions made without limitation as to their use—help support the Law School’s most pressing needs this year. “Unrestricted” may imply a wide range of discretion in their use, but in fact these funds are in large part committed to critical areas such as faculty research, scholarships, loan forgiveness, summer public interest funding, student organizations, and student research assistants. They also provide the Dean with important latitude to undertake new initiatives and meet unanticipated needs throughout the current year.

In short, unrestricted gifts are the lifeblood of the Law School, and their skillful use by the Dean keeps the school and its programs vibrant.

Named Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Unrestricted endowment funds help with UVA Law’s most pressing needs in perpetuity by providing yearly unrestricted income. One can endow their annual unrestricted gift by making a provision for a named unrestricted endowment fund in their estate.