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Women's Organizations

The University of Virginia Women's Center
The Corner Building, intersection of 14th and W. Main streets

The Women's Center offers leadership programs, mentoring services, counseling and career support for community members, students, staff and faculty. Most programs are free and open to the public, and men and women are welcomed. Women's Center programs include free short-term counseling (no insurance involved), a resource library, ongoing support/discussion groups, a child care referral service (982-2251), the Free Legal Clinic, the Sexual Assault Education Office, HUES: A Mentoring Program for Women of Color, the Young Women Leaders Program, the Artists, Scholars and Leaders Series, and IRIS: A Journal about Women.

Community Foundation Against Domestic Violence (United Support)
P.O. Box 706, Charlottesville, VA 22902

This all-volunteer, grassroots support group, open to both men and women, seeks to empower victims of domestic violence by helping themrebuild self-esteem and confidence as they move on with their lives. In association with the community, the group provides long-term assistance, counseling and job-related support. Volunteers are needed for tutoring and mentoring children of people in the support group. Possible legal aid opportunities exist.

FOCUS Women's Resource Center
1508 Grady Ave.

This women's service organization supports women in the areas of family, career development and personal growth. Free legal counseling, forums, support groups and peer counseling are offered. Volunteers are needed.

The Junior League of Charlottesville
317 E. Main St.

This nonprofit organization of women trained for effective volunteer service in the community focuses on issues related to women, children, the aging and the environment.

Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA)
Hotline: 977-RAPE (7273)
302 Hickman Rd.

SARA works toward empowerment of sexual assault survivors to make decisions that will help them recover. The group offers a teen peer education program, public education programs and a child assault prevention program. SARA works with the Law School's Rape Crisis Advocacy Project.

Shelter for Help in Emergency
Office: 293-6155
24-Hour Hotline: 293-8509

Offering shelter to the victims of domestic violence, the nonprofit serves more than100 families per year and provides counseling for victims of abuse. Volunteers are vital to the shelter and its program.

Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance
State Crisis Intervention Hotline (Domestic violence or sexual assault): 800-838-8238
508 Dale Ave., Suite B

This statewide coalition provides hotline, training for crisis centers, lobbying, and resources for victims. The group works with the Law School's Rape Crisis Advocacy Project.

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Uniting Against Sexual Assault

"The Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance formed in 2004 to carry forward the work of the previously separate sexual and domestic violence coalitions, Virginians Aligned Against Sexual Assault and Virginians Against Domestic Violence. A strategic plan was adopted in 2004 to guide the work of the new coalition through 2007. In 2007 the Governance Committee of the Governing Body initiated the process of developing [the current] 2008-2012 Strategic Plan."

--Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance website


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