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Although the University of Virginia provides some graduate housing, space is limited and many Law School students choose to live off-Grounds. At the Blue Ridge Apartment Council's website, you can search for housing by area, rent amount and other options. Monticello Avenue, a Charlottesville-area community website, has an invaluable list of links to realtors, apartments, housing organizations and more. You may also want to check out classifieds at Craigslist, the Charlottesville Daily Progress and C-ville Weekly.

Enrolling students are urged to make living accommodations well in advance of their arrival at the University.

UVA Housing: Single Students
University Housing Office

For single students, University accommodations are available in the Range in Thomas Jefferson's Academical Village.

UVA Housing: Families and Married Students

UVA Graduate Housing

Furnished and unfurnished apartments for married students and students with families are located in University Gardens and Copeley Hill. University Gardens is an eight-building complex north of the University that contains one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Each apartment is furnished with a refrigerator and stove. Copeley Hill is a larger version of University Gardens located near the Law School with one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments (View Map of North Grounds). Individuals living with you in family housing must be your financial dependents.



In this small town with a big university, desirable housing goes quickly. We advise you to begin your housing search as soon as you have decided to attend the Law School. University housing is economical and conveniently located, but can accommodate only some of the 23,000 undergraduate and graduate students, so there are usually waiting lists. If you want University housing, call immediately to sign up. If you are planning to come to Charlottesville to see University or commercial housing, call ahead and make appointments. Many places will be closed on the weekends, unless you have an appointment.


Renter's/Homeowner's Insurance

Students should consider purchasing renter's or homeowner's insurance. Look in the phone book for local providers or check with your own insurance company to see if it offers such protection. Insurance prices will depend on your type of residence, the number of units connected to it, and the presence of security devices in the home (smoke detectors, deadbolts, etc.).

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