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KEY Administrative Offices

All administrative offices are open Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-5 p.m., unless otherwise indicated. Students Affairs is listed first because of its importance to students. The rest of the offices are in alphabetical order.

Student Affairs
Slaughter Hall, Room 109

The assistant dean for student affairs advises and supports students regarding personal and Law School concerns, disability matters and accommodations, leaves of absence, transfers and withdrawals. Please call the office for information and to schedule appointments.

Slaughter Hall, Room 121

Assistant Dean and Chief Admissions Officer Cordel Faulk oversees the Admissions office.

Building Services
Withers-Brown, Room 320

David Holsapple handles all Law School room reservations and coordinates keys for student lockers.

Business Office
Withers-Brown, Room 326 (past mailroom, then right)

Students who work for the Law School will need to go to this office to fill out initial paperwork and file weekly time sheets. Troy Dunaway is senior assistant dean for business and finance.

Career Services
Slaughter Hall, Room 232

The Career Services Office is run by Kevin Donovan, senior assistant dean for career services.

Dean's Office
Withers-Brown, Room 319

Dean Risa Goluboff meets regularly with student groups and organizations.

Financial Aid
Slaughter Hall, Room 126A

The Financial Aid Office is run by Director of Financial Aid Jennifer Hulvey.

Graduate Studies
Slaughter Hall, Room 135A

The Graduate Studies Office administers the LL.M., S.J.D., and Visiting Scholar programs under Paul B. Stephan, director of the Graduate Studies Program. Polly Lawson, assistant dean for graduate studies, advises and supports international graduate students with all aspects of Law School life.

Human Resources
Withers-Brown, Room 304

The employment and resource office for employees of the Law School. Director Barbara Ruddy can be contacted at 924-3094 or

Help Desk: 924-3731 or
General questions:

The Law School's information technologies support faculty, students and staff activities. Gary Banks, chief technology officer, heads the department. For technical support, call 924-3731 or email

Mortimer Caplin Public Service Center
Slaughter Hall, Room 234

Under Assistant Dean for Public Service Annie Kim, the Public Service Center offers job placement assistance, develops and administers the Law School's voluntary pro bono program, coordinates summer internships and postgraduate fellowships, and provides intensive career counseling to students seeking careers in the public sector.

Student Records Office
Slaughter Hall, Room 107

The Student Records Office under Assistant Dean for Academic Services and Registrar Jason Dugas assists students with course enrollment, coordinates the final examination process, advises students regarding academic policies and procedures, maintains official student academic records, and offers the following services:


Virginia Law Weekly is the Law School's student newspaper, which comes out every Friday. The newspaper is always looking for new writers and columnists. If your group or department is sponsoring an activity, contact the paper for coverage. Call 924-3070 or go by Slaughter Hall, Room 277/279.


University Directory

The University makes available to every student, at no charge, a directory of faculty, staff, and student addresses and telephone numbers. Limit is one per student. Directories are available to students in November.

For guidelines regarding information that may be released by the Law School without students' prior written consent, see Privacy of Academic Records.


If you're calling within the school network or from University housing, just dial the last five numbers; for example, 4-7349 for the Career Services office.

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