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Bank of America
Bank of America on the Downtown Mall.

United Bank

Two branches. One on the downtown mall and one on Route 29. Three ATMs.

Bank of America

Six branches, including one on Barracks Road, near the Law School and several ATMs on main University Grounds.

434-977-0336 (Ivy Rd. branch)

Five branches, including one on Ivy Rd., near the Law School.

First Citizens Bank

Three branches, the nearest is on Route 29 near Fashion Square Mall. Local bank.

Union First Market Bankshares

Six branches, including one in Barracks Road. near the Law School. Local.


Six local branches, including one on Barracks Rd. and Emmett St., near the Law School. Ten ATMs.

University of Virginia Community Credit Union

Three branches, including one on Arlington Blvd., close to the Law School. Formerly for UVA employees, now open to anyone in the community.

Virginia National Bank

Locally established community bank with four branches, one at the corner of Emmett St. and Arlington Blvd., near the Law School.

Wells Fargo

Branches include Barracks Road, Ivy Rd. and East Main St.

Note to International Students about Finances:

Managing financial resources is an individual-specific and personal matter. In an unfamiliar monetary system where costs may be hard to predict, it goes without saying that it is important to budget available resources carefully to cover the necessities, such as tuition, housing, food, medical insurance, and medicine.Of course, you should also plan for emergency and unexpected needs, such as dental work.

Overseas transfers of money can be complicated, costly, and time consuming, depending on the country from which the money is coming. We recommend that you contact your local bank before coming to the U.S. to discuss the best way to transfer your funds.

Most banks in Charlottesville are capable of handling overseas transfers of money, but some are more efficient than others. Most will limit the use of their services to customers who have accounts with them, a fact to keep in mind when opening an account with a Charlottesville bank.

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Virginia Law Families Tip:

Don't ever pay an ATM fee in Charlottesville! If your bank isn't convenient, get your needed cash for free when you purchase groceries at any local supermarket with your ATM card. If caught short near the Law School, run into Harris Teeter and buy a piece of fruit or something you know you're going to use anyway and then get the cash you need for free in the self-serve lane (or any other if lines are short). You can also get cash back on ATM purchases with no service charge at WalMart and Sam's Club.

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