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Television Stations

Without cable, TV reception in Charlottesville is generally poor. Local channel WVIR 29 (NBC) is often the only channel with good reception. Other Charlottesville over-the-air channels: WCAV 19 (CBS), WVAW 16 (ABC), WAHU 27 (FOX) are also on-line here. WHTJ 41 (PBS), a repeater for Richmond public TV, carries the full PBS programming line-up. WVPT, Valley Public Television (Harrisonburg) is seen locally over-the-air via repeaters on channels 50 & 58. Local channels via satellite are currently available only on DISH Network as part of their various programming packages. DISH Network is offered by Embarq, the local telephone service, among others. DirecTV does not currently offer local channels.

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Radio Stations

WVTF FM 89.3/WVTU-FM 88.5

Classical and jazz, NPR programming. WVTF is affiliated with the Virginia Tech Foundation with its main studios in Roanoke. Weekdays WVTF airs classical music and in the evenings mainly jazz. Weekends feature NPR and local programming, sometimes with live local musicians. Transmits in HD Radio format.

WVTU FM 89.7 and 91.5
(540) 989-8900 or 800-856-8900

Known as "Radio IQ," WVTU carries BBC News in the mornings and NPR talk during the day (repeated at night). Transmits in HD Radio format.

Spirit FM 90.1

Waynesboro-based popular Christian music 24-7.

WTJU FM 91.1

Licensed to the University of Virginia since 1957 (second oldest FM staion in Virignia). Located on the 2nd floor of Lambeth Commons in the Lambeth Residency area. Alternative, non-commercial, all-volunteer. Jazz, classical, and adventuresome rock and folk music. Often airs live folk music from its studios. Airs "Democracy Now!" weekdays at 4 p.m..

WNRN 91.9

Modern rock/adult alternative. Non-commercial. Special programs, including urban hip-hop, and folk. Acoustic Sunrise is a popular morning show. Local news and talk shows. For public service announcements, call the business office at 971-4096 or fax 979-6162.


Adult urban with light jazz. Public service announcements. 10 in a row station.

WQMZ FM 95.1

Continuous light rock. Virginia News Network. Community bulletins.

WWWV FM 97.5
Concert line: 961-7975

"Killer classics and the best new rock." Album-oriented rock/classic and current. Virginia News Network, CNN, UVA football and basketball games.

WCYK- FM 99.7

Contemporary country format. Covers NASCAR races.

WHTE FM Hot 101.9

Top 40, youth-oriented pop, rock, hip-hop. "Valentine in the Morning; Middays with Murph; PJ in the PM."

WZGN- FM 102.3 and 94.1 "Generations 102.3"
Request line: 978-1023

Hits of the 1960s and 1970s.

WMRA-FM 103.5 in Charlottesville/ 90.7 in Harrisonburg

NPR station affliliated with James Madison University, broadcasting from Harrisonburg. Popular WMRA programs include Acoustic Café on Friday and Sunday evenings and Blues Valley on Saturday nights.

WCNR-FM 106.1 "The Corner"

"Different is good." Album oriented contemporary rock. Transmits in HD Radio format.

WWTJ-FM "Tom@107.5"
Business line: 978-4408
Request line: 964-1075

"Anything. Anytime." Contemporary rock.

WINA-AM 1070

News, talk radio, local high school and UVA sports. Virginia News Network and CBS radio network affiliate. "Charlottesville Right Now!" with Coy Barefoot (weekday afternoons 4-6 p.m.) is a popular program.

WCHV-AM 1260

Talk radio. Fox News line-up including Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura and Bill O'Reilly.

WKAV-AM 1400

Fox sports radio.

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Central Virginia News Agency

The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal are available at most local newsstands, Foods of All Nations, CVS (Barracks Road), and Carriage Food House. Contact the Central Virginia News Agency (293-2500) for home delivery. Ask for special discounted student rates. CVNA also delivers Barron's, Investor's Business Daily, London Financial Times, USA Today and The Washington Times.

The Daily Progress
685 West Rio Rd.
P.O. Box 9030, Charlottesville, Virginia 22901

Charlottesville's daily newspaper. Local, state, and national news. Sports and special features. Call for delivery rates. Newsstand price: Mon-Sat $.50; Sun $1.50.

C-Ville Weekly

Arts, insight, and entertainment. Published on Tuesdays. Distributed to various locations in Charlottesville. Free at local newsstands (one copy complimentary, fee for additional copies). Call for home delivery rates.

The Hook

Weekly tabloid competing with C-Ville Weekly. It takes its name from old UVA student slang for Charlottesville. "C" grades were called "hooks" by students and the shorthand became attached to the town, as in "Hookville" or "The Hook." The Hook website includes a guide to town for newcomers with a primer on necessary local lore and pronunciations. Distributes free on Thursdays.

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Seven morning editions. Local, state, and national news. Available at local newsstands. Call for subscription rates. Considered the Virginia newspaper of record.

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Virginia Law Families Tip:

Adelphia's lowest cost (“broadcast”) package at $9.70/month includes all major networks, including the local NBC affiliate and two PBS stations which offer all-day kids programming with different program times. This gives you at least two commercial-free, kid-friendly shows to choose from all day long at a very reasonable price. (You can always get a wealthier single classmate to tape the Sopranos for you and borrow DVDs and videos free from the law library—they're now in the first-floor reserve room).


The Washington Post is offered at a special student rate of approximately $50 for the entire academic year. This is not only less expensive than other major papers, but coupons in the Sunday edition can easily save enough (local grocery stores double coupons for $.50 or less) to pay for the paper several times over. Wednesday's Food section contains Harris-Teeter sales flyers and the Sunday paper includes Giant Food flyers (both indicate they apply to the Washington metro area, but sale prices are the same locally). See the newspaper flyers in Student mailboxes for details of how to sign up. Supplement the Post by picking up free copies of C'Ville Weekly or The Hook around town or at the lower level entrance to Withers Brown for information on local activities.

—Dave Glazier '04


Some large apartment complexes have their own cable systems. These "systems" usually consist solely of the broadcast channels transmitted by a large antenna. The advantage of this is that it saves money since the service comes with the apartment. The disadvantage, however, is that in these complexes, you do not have the option of subscribing to the service, and therefore may not be able to get ESPN, C-SPAN, or any of the cable movie channels. If this is important to you, ask about this before renting.


Try WINA's Weather Line at 295-2111 for daily forecasts

Call 924-SNOW or 243-SNOW for University inclement weather information, or check the UVA website.


The Law School student newspaper, The Virginia Law Weekly, comes out on Fridays. Other UVA student publications include The Cavalier Daily, The Declaration (a weekly), and Iris (a publication of the UVA Women's Center). For a complete list of news media connected to UVA, see UVA's News Sources page.


Political Celebs:
"Julian Bond (fiery NAACP chair), Lawrence Eagleburger (frequent FoxNews commentator and secretary of state for about five minutes during administration of Bush 41), Larry Sabato (television's [and newspapers'] favorite politico talking head), Nathaniel Howell (ambassador to Kuwait during the Gulf War), John Whitehead (religious/civil rights fighter who rose to national prominence by pressing Paula Jones' case against Bill Clinton)."

The Hook 2003-2004 Annual Manual

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