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Video/DVD Rentals

Clemons Library
UVA Central Grounds, McCormick Rd.
Mon-Thu 24 hrs during school; Fri close at midnight; Sat 9 am-12 pm; Sun open at 11 am

Large selection of free DVD, video, laserdisk rentals with ID; faculty circulation is for one week, students and staff for three days. Late fee is $1 per day.

Law Library
Library hours vary, usually 8 am-12 pm daily

New releases are located in the reserve room, next to the main circulation desk on the first floor. Mostly DVDs.

Sneak Reviews Faculty Favorite
Ivy Rd.
Daily 10 am-10 pm

Good place to find foreign films, documentaries, and books on tape.  Stock is organized by country and director.

Video Club of Charlottesville
Pantops Shopping Center
Mon-Sat 10 am-9 pm; Sun noon-6 pm


The Best of Charlottesville

Best Video Store

1. Hollywood Video 48.2%
2. Blockbuster Video 33.7%
3. Sneak Review Video 12%

—Virginia Law Weekly


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