Forensic Testimony

This library collection contains scanned transcripts from the trials of people exonerated by post-conviction DNA testing who had testimony by forensic analysts at their original criminal trials. This research collection was compiled in conjunction with a law review article reporting the results of a study of these trial materials. See Brandon L. Garrett & Peter J. Neufeld, “Invalid Forensic Science Testimony and Wrongful Convictions,” 95 Va. L. Rev. 1 (2009). An appendix accompanies that article. An updated appendix accompanies Chapter 4 of the “Convicting the Innocent” book. This Web page was created by Professor Brandon Garrett (

Types of forensic testimony

Abdal, Habib Warith (aka Vincent H. Jenkins)
Adams, Kenneth
Alejandro, Gilbert - DiMaio Report | Zain Report | Zain Testimony
Alexander, Richard
Anderson, Marvin
Atkins, Herman
Avery, Steven
Bauer, Chester
Beaver, Antonio
Bibbins, Gene
Blair, Michael - part 1 | part 2
Bloodsworth, Kirk
Bosquette, Orlando
Bravo, Mark
Brewer, Kennedy - West Testimony - part 1 | West Testimony - part 2 | Hayne Testimony
Brisco, Johnny
Brison, Dale
Bromgard, Jimmy Ray - Melnikoff Testimony | Peer Review Report
Brown, Dennis
Brown, Roy
Byrd, Kevin James
Charles, Clyde
Charles, Ulysses Rodriguez - Expert Testimony | Pineda Letter
Chatman, Charles
Coco, Allen
Cowans, Stephan - Expert Testimony | Smith Report
Criner, Roy
Cromedy, Michael
Crotzer, Allen - Wilbarger Testimony | Hildreth Testimony
Dabbs, Charles
Dail, Dwayne Allen
Danziger, Richard
Davidson, Willie
Davis, Dewey | West Virginia Crime Lab Report
Davis, Gerald | West Virginia Crime Lab Report
Daye, Frederick Renee
Dedge, Wilton
Deskovic, Jeffrey
Diaz, Luis
Dominguez, Alejandro
Dotson, Gary - Forensic Testimony | Blake Report
Durham, Timothy
Echols, Douglas
Elkins, Clarence
Erby, Lonnie
Fain, Charles Irvin
Fappiano, Scott
Fritz, Dennis
Fuller, Larry
Giles, James Curtis
Godschalk, Bruce
Gonzalez, Hector
Good, Donald Wayne
Goodman, Bruce Dallas
Gray, Paula
Green, Anthony
Gregory, William
Halsey, Byron
Halstead, Dennis
Harris, William
Harrison, Clarence
Hatchett, Nathaniel
Hayes, Travis
Heins, Chad
Hicks, Anthony
Holdren, Larry
Honaker, Edward
Hunt, Darryl
Jackson, Willie
Jean, Lesly
Jimerson, Verneal
Johnson, Calvin Crawford
Johnson, Larry
Johnson, Rickey
Jones, Ronald
Karage, Entre Nax
Kogut, John
Kordonowy, Paul D. - Blake Report | Expert Testimony | Long Testimony
Krone, Ray - Piakis Testimony | Piette Testimony | Rawson Testimony
Laughman, Barry
Lavernia, Carlos
Linscott, Steven
Mayes, Larry
McCarty, Curtis
McCray, Antron
McGee, Arvin
Miller, Neil
Miller, Robert - Gilchrist Testimony | Lyhane Testimony | Schanfield Testimony | Stone Testimony
Mitchell, Marvin
Mitchell, Perry
Moon, Brandon
O'Donnell, James
Ollins, Calvin - Blake Report | Forensic Testimony
Ollins, Larry
Peterson, Larry
Pierce, Jeffrey Todd
Piszczek, Brian
Pope, David Shawn
Rainge, William
Restivo, John
Reynolds, Donald
Richardson, James | West Virginia Crime Lab Report
Richardson, Kevin
Robinson, Anthony
Rodriguez, George
Rollins, LaFonso
Rose, Peter
Salaam, Yusef
Salazar, Ben
Santana, Raymond
Saunders, Omar
Scott, Calvin Lee
Scott, Samuel
Smith, Billy James
Sutherlin, David Brian
Sutton, Josiah
Taylor, Ronald Gene
Tillman, James
Velasquez, Eduardo (Angel Hernandez)
Waller, James
Wallis, Gregory Wayne
Wardell, Billy
Warney, Douglas
Washington, Calvin
Washington, Earl
Waters, Kenneth
Waters, Leo
Watkins, Jerry
Webb, Troy
Webster, Bernard
White, John
Whitley, Drew
Williams, Dennis
Williams, Michael
Williams, Willie
Williamson, Ronald
Willis, Calvin
Wise, Kharey
Woodall, Glen
Woods, Anthony
Wyniemko, Kenneth
Yarris, Nicholas


Non-Exoneree Trials

Below is trial testimony from cases described in Part I.C. of the Article. These transcripts are from matched cases in which there has been no DNA exoneration, but involving similar rape and murder charges, from the same time period, and from three states: Missouri, Texas and Virginia.

Beltran, Manuel Jr.
Bonner, George Franklin
Clark, Freddie Lee
Cowan, J.C. - part 1 | part 2
Davis, Brady - State v. Davis, 765 S.W.2d 603 (Mo. 1989).
Drummond, Michael Anthony
Ervin, Kevin C.
Ford, Kevin
Fras, Rick Edmund
Hamilton, Fred
Harward, Keith A. - part 1 | part 2
Hoke, Roland Lee
Jeffries, John Wesley
Jones, Daniel O.
Jones, Lloyd E.
Keil, W.J.
Lincecum, Kavin Wayne
Mantia, Perry
Massey, Eric
Mayo, Terry Renard
Norris, Alphonse
Raine, Robert David
Rogers, Kevin Jamal
Saunders, Alva A.
Spencer, Timothy Wilson
Tate, Donald Lee
Thomas, Earl
Tuggle, Lem Davis
Wickizer, Norman
Woodward, Roy Lee