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Library Art Show Defines Contemporary Still Lifes Through Variety of Mediums I Preview Art

Featuring works ranging from a painting of an eggplant and tomatoes to more abstract renderings created with powdered charcoal and graphite, the Fifth Annual Law Library Art Show takes a fresh look at contemporary still lifes through the eyes of several Virginia artists.

"I was looking for different approaches and different mediums," said art show curator Ana Marie Liddell, whose own work is featured in the collection.

This year's show, which runs through the school year, features 60 works from 13 artists, including Liddell, Mary Tuck Echols, Jessie Coles, Michael Fitts, Kat Gidding, Joseph Wolf, Pat Richeson, Don Charlebois, Laura Pharis, Pam Black, Eileen Butler, Tom Tartaglino, and Rob Browning. The show's pieces, most of which sell for $150-$2,000, showcase a variety of methods and mediums, including monotypes, oils and acrylics painted on a variety of surfaces, photo transfers, collages, charcoal drawings, and colored pencil works. Wolf's sculptures, made of stainless steel, brass, and painted wood, are being exhibited separately in the Caplin Tax Alcove.

While some pieces hearken back to the conventional still life, others are informed by recent history. "David's Lily of Peace," created with oil sticks on panel by Charlebois, is dedicated to the artist's brother, a co-pilot killed in the September 11 Pentagon attack.

Liddell said she attended local art shows for several months in advance and talked to artists, soliciting their works for the Law Library's own show. "There are some very strong works," she said.
• Reported by M. Wood

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