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Class of 2003 Graduation
Sunday, May 18, 2003

Parking and Seating Information


On Saturday and Sunday, graduates and their families and guests may park in most of the lots in the North Grounds area. The following lots will be available: D-2 (with the exception of the visitors' lot next to Slaughter Hall); D-3; the lots adjacent to the Superfield below the Law School; the JAG School lot; the S-1 lot in the housing area immediately across from the Law Grounds (but not the F-1 or F-2 lots in other areas of Copeley Hill); the Faulkner Dormitory lot; and the lots at University Hall. The Darden School ceremony will be held at approximately the same time as the Law School's, and no parking will be available in any of the Darden lots.

Guest Seating for the Lawn Ceremony:

Each graduate will get three tickets that will allow guests to sit in a section of reserved seats on the Lawn for the purpose of viewing the University Graduation Ceremony. Other guests can observe from behind these reserved seats. Thus, there is no limit on the number of guests who can attend the Lawn Ceremony, although each graduate can have only three guests sit in the reserved section. The tickets will be put in student mailboxes no later than the Friday morning prior to graduation. In view of the tremendous crowd that gathers on the Lawn and the difficulty of getting good seats there without arriving very early, we have long advised law students that it is generally better for guests to put a higher priority on finding seats for the Law School Ceremony than on finding seats on the Lawn.

Bus Service:

Starting at 8 a.m., the University will provide continuing bus shuttle service between University Hall and the Lawn, stopping on McCormick Road near Alderman Library. In the event of rain and the activation of rain site plans, bus service will be available between University Hall and Memorial Gymnasium. From 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. the University will also operate a continuous shuttle from the North Massie lot at U-Hall to the Darden and Law Schools (the bus will unload at the gatehouse on Massie Road in front of the Darden School). Thus, graduates and guests can (1) park at U-Hall and use shuttle buses to travel to the Lawn or the North Grounds, or (2) park in the Law School area and use shuttle buses to get to the Lawn (transferring at U-Hall). At the end of the ceremony on the Lawn, graduates should go immediately from the Lawn to McCormick Road, and proceed toward Alderman Library. Any of the buses that are loading on McCormick near Alderman will take you to the North Grounds by way of University Hall (you do not change buses at U-Hall; marshals will assist you). Students should be in their seats on Holcombe Green Lawn not later than 12:55 p.m.

Handicapped parking permits:

A limited number of handicapped parking permits will be available for use in the Law School visitors' lot by student guests. Please submit a request to Pat Harlowe in the Office of Career Services, providing the basic facts (who needs it and why) if you require such a permit. Handicapped persons wishing to attend the Lawn Ceremony will have to park in University Hall or North Grounds and travel to the Lawn area by bus, or be dropped off in the handicapped unloading area near Garrett Hall (handicapped seating on the Lawn is near the drop-off point). The deadline for applying for permits to park in the Law School visitors' lot is Monday, May 5, 2003. Requests received after that date may not be approved. Special seating for handicapped persons and not more than one person accompanying each handicapped person will be provided for the Law School program in the Holcombe Green Lawn area.

Contact Career Services if you have any questions.
Phone: (434) 924-7349

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