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Posted Feb. 28, 2011

Experts to Discuss Cybercrime, Solutions

Virtual Crimes, Real Damages

Government officials and attorneys will examine cybercrime and potential solutions during a panel discussion in Caplin Pavilion on Thursday at 12:30 p.m.

The panel, "Virtual Crimes, Real Damages: Challenges Posed by Cybercrimes in the United States and Efforts to Combat Cybercriminals," is based on a forthcoming article in the Virginia Journal of Law and Technology co-authored by Fernando Pinguelo and Bradford Muller, attorneys with Norris McLaughlin & Marcus in Bridgewater, N.J. The journal is sponsoring the event.

The article is a comprehensive primer on cybercrimes and efforts to combat cybercriminals that includes a survey of state and federal laws and proposed legislation.

"We hear about cybercrime everywhere, whether it's Wikileaks 'hacktivists' disrupting major corporate websites, foreign-based cyber-spies cracking into top-secret government files, or enterprising home-grown thieves who troll the Internet and ATM locations for unsuspecting consumers and empty bank accounts into their own pockets," said Pinguelo, who will moderate the panel. "But do we know what's being done and what more could be done to address these threats? We should."

Experts from the legal and information technology communities and the government will discuss profiling cybercriminals, analyze their methods, explore state and federal responses to cybercrime and explain best practices that businesses and governments can adopt to protect confidential client data and avoid potential ethical issues.

Panelists include Jonathan Rusch, deputy chief of the Fraud Section in the Department of Justice's Criminal Division; Gene Fishel, head of the Computer Crime Division at the Virginia Attorney General's Office; Muller, an associate with Norris McLaughlin & Marcus; and Vasan Kadambhi, senior manager and head of security practice at Marlabs, Inc.

Pinguelo is co-chair of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus' Response to Electronic Discovery and Information Group. He specializes in electronic discovery and has been named a Fulbright Specialist for his work in the field.

The event includes a lunch and panel discussion, and concludes with a networking reception. The event is open to the public. More