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Reserving a room is the first step to a successful event. Reserving a room notifies us that an event is happening, ensures that you get the kind of room you need and allows you to publicize the event on the Law School calendar and other places.

Use a room that matches your audience. Usually an event feels successful to the speaker if the room is full. A 25-person event in a seminar room will feel successful, but that same event in Caplin Pavilion will feel like a failure. Be realistic about how many people are likely to attend your event. Room capacities are listed on the online room reservation form.

 To reserve a room:

What Qualifies for the Public Events Calendar?

Events that are open to the Law School public and likely to interest a cross-section of the Law School community may be posted on the calendar. Student organizations' regularly scheduled meetings are not eligible for the public events calendar, although you can post the initial meeting of a student organization each semester. Charity events need to have a direct connection to the Law School to be listed. For example, a blood drive on Law School Grounds may be listed; a 5K run on University Grounds that has no particular connection to the Law School would probably not. That said, the Law School’s judgment on inclusion tends to be liberal and permissive.

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