Class of 2011 Profile


Class of 2011 Profile


Median LSAT: 170
25%-75% LSAT: 166-171
Median GPA: 3.80
25%-75% GPA: 3.56-3.89
Median Age: 23 (range is 18 to 36)

370 students enrolled from among 6,548 applicants
164 women (44%)
59 identify themselves as minority students (16%)

Geographic Representation

Approximately 40 percent of University of Virginia law students are Virginia residents. Nonresident students come from the District of Columbia and 43 states, including: New York (19), California (18), Florida (18), Texas (16), North Carolina (16), New Jersey (14), Pennsylvania (13), Maryland (12), Alabama (7), Arizona (7), Georgia (7), Ohio (7), Illinois (6), Connecticut (5), Massachusetts (5), Minnesota (5), Washington (5), South Carolina (4), Tennessee (4), Colorado (4), Washington, D.C. (3); two each from Kansas, Michigan, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin; one each from Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, North Dakota, Rhode Island and South Dakota; and from abroad, one each from Cameroon, Iran and Trinidad and Tobago.


Thirty-one members of the Class of 2011 have at least one graduate degree. Disciplines include business administration, public health, teaching, divinity, fine arts, public policy, elementary education, secondary education, politics, policy studies, film studies, organic chemistry, economics, English, chemistry, theology, defense and strategic studies, mathematics, anthropology, physiology, systems engineering, biomedical engineering, philosophy, history, literature, international affairs and international relations.

Total: 132
Agnes Scott College 1
Amherst College 3
Arizona State University 1
Auburn University 2
Bates College 3
Bob Jones University 1
Boston College 3
Brandeis University 1
Bridgewater College 1
Brigham Young University 7
Brown University 4
Bucknell University 2
Carleton College 1
Centre College 1
City College of New York - Hunter 1
Claremont McKenna College 2
Colby College 1
Colgate University 1
College of William and Mary 19
Colorado College 1
Columbia University 2
Concord College 1
Cornell University 4
Covenant College 1
Dartmouth College 4
Duke University 13
Eastern Connecticut State University 1
Eckerd College 1
Emory University 3
Florida State University 3
Furman University 2
George Mason University 2
George Washington University 4
Georgetown University 7
Georgia Institute of Technology 1
Gettysburg College 1
Gonzaga University 1
Grove City College 1
Harvard University 6
Howard University 1
Indiana University 2
James Madison University 2
Johns Hopkins University 3
Kent State University 1
Lehigh University 1
Liberty University 3
London School of Economics and Political Science 1
Louisiana State University 1
Loyola College in Maryland 1
Miami University 1
Middlebury College 1
New College of Florida 2
New York University 4
North Carolina State University 2
North Dakota State University 1
Northeastern University 1
Northern Illinois University 1
Northwestern University 2
Ohio University 2
Otterbein College 1
Pennsylvania State University 6
Pfeiffer University 1
Pomona College 1
Princeton University 9
Reed College 1
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1
Rice University 3
Rollins College 1
Rutgers University 1
St. Olaf College 1
Siena College 1
Smith College 1
Stanford University 5
SUNY at Buffalo Center 1
Temple University 1
The Citadel 1
Trinity University 1
Tufts University 1
Tulane University 4
University College London 1
University of Alabama 4
University of Arizona 2
University of California - Berkeley 3
University of California - Los Angeles 4
University of California - Santa Barbara 1
University of Central Florida 2
University of Chicago 2
University of Florida 6
University of Georgia 5
University of Illinois 1
University of Iowa 1
University of Kansas 1
University of Mary Washington 3
University of Maryland 6
University of Miami 6
University of Michigan 5
University of Minnesota 1
University of Mississippi 1
University of Nebraska 1
University of North Carolina - Asheville 1
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill 7
University of North Carolina - Charlotte 1
University of North Texas 1
University of Notre Dame 1
University of Oklahoma 2
University of Oregon 1
University of Pennsylvania 6
University of Pittsburgh 1
University of Richmond 1
University of Rochester 3
University of San Diego 1
University of Southern California 3
University of Tennessee - Knoxville 2
University of Texas - Austin 7
University of Texas - El Paso 1
University of Vermont 1
University of Virginia 54
University of Washington 3
Vanderbilt University 5
Vassar College 1
Virginia Commonwealth University 1
Virginia Tech 3
Wabash College 1
Wake Forest University 5
Warren Wilson College 1
Washington and Lee University 3
Washington University 1
Wells College 1
Wesleyan University 2
Western Washington University 1
Wheaton College - Illinois 4
Whitman College 1

a Global Community

First-year students have lived, worked or studied all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey, the Galapagos Islands, Tanzania, Brazil, Australia, Kenya, India, Iran, Jordan, South Korea, Cameroon, Israel, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Japan, South Africa, Morocco, Lebanon, China, Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Monaco, Kenya, Honduras, Ghana and Guatemala.

Life Before Law School

Testing the Legal Waters Many members of the Class of 2011 worked as legal assistants and paralegals, mostly at law firms but also for federal and state judges and with the U.S. Departments of Justice, Energy, State, Treasury, Labor and Commerce, as well as with the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, the CIA, the U.S. Marshal’s Office and Sallie Mae. They worked for district attorney’s offices in numerous cities and counties across the country and for state attorneys general. They include a court advocate coordinator for the Chickasaw Nation Supreme Court, a federal courthouse jury administrator, and an investigator for Federal Public Defenders.

Federal Public Service Members of this class include a presidential speechwriter, CIA counterterrorism analyst, research analyst for the Federal Trade Commission, specialist to the Presidential Commission for Environmental Quality, a Federal Reserve Board energy specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce economic statistician, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office examiner and an analyst in the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Disease Prevention and Promotion. Several have served in the Army, Navy and Air Force, including some with recent duty in the Middle East.

Local Public Service Students’ service closer to home includes work as a program consultant to the North Carolina Department of Rural Health, Washington State Department of Revenue intern, fraud investigator for the Florida Department of Education, community liaison to the Brooklyn Borough president, policy advisor on issues at the Virginia Department of Planning and Budget, and head supervisor for Boston City Hall’s Elections Department. Others worked with the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the Rhode Island Office of Human Rights and the Texas Commission on Human Rights. Many have taught at the elementary, secondary or college level.

In Politics Several class members have worked on Capitol Hill and with state legislatures as chiefs of staff, communication clerks, legislative aides, speechwriters, assistants and interns. One class member worked on the staff of a Scottish Parliament member. A number have worked on presidential, senatorial, congressional and mayoral campaigns.

Private Employers Many have been analysts, consultants or researchers with private-sector firms including Accenture, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Investments, Booz Allen & Hamilton, Merrill Lynch, The Advisory Board, Corporate Executive Board, Wachovia Financial, Mercer Management Consulting and Navigant Consulting. There are construction, biomedical, chemical, hardware, software and systems engineers. There are “Big 4 Accounting Firm” tax consultants and auditors, commercial realtors and real estate managers, Web content analysts, marketing account executives and a neurobiological researcher. Several have been editors, writers and columnists for local and national newspapers, The Economist, travel magazines, journals, science periodicals, CNN, NBC and ESPN. One member of the class was a lawyer in China.

Think Tanks and Nonprofits Several members have held positions at think tanks and foundations, including the Center for Health Transformation, the Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies, the National Strategic Gaming Center, The Rutherford Institute, the Alliance for Health Care Reform, the North Carolina Center for Actual Innocence, the Environmental Law Institute, the Center for Law and Religious Freedom, the Center for Study of the Presidency, the American Enterprise Institute, the Foundation for Defense of Democracy, the Center for Developmental Disabilities, the Spencer Foundation, the Center for Constitutional Studies and the Baker Institute for Public Policy.

Off the Beaten Path Class members’ experiences include work as a rare- and used-book seller, police officer, lobbyist, missionary, high school debate team coach, lifeguard, Red Bull distributor, pro bono clinic coordinator, NBC talent coordinator, travel agent, short-order cook, compensation and benefits coordinator, London street vendor, freelance graphic designer, private investigator, specialist in Chinese ceramics for an auction house, choreographer, hospital operating-room technician, hedge-fund manager, smoothie-shop manager, sailing instructor, “boulderscape” sculptor, bank fraud analyst and shoe repairman. Others served as an ESL instructor for immigrant children, an editor at the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations and an archival assistant to Maya Angelou. One prolific member of the class has appeared in “All My Children,” “Days of Our Lives,” “Beverly Hills 90210,” “The Practice,” and commercials for Crest, Chevy, Toyota, Sprint and American Express.

In Their Spare Time

Volunteers Entering students have engaged in an impressive array of volunteer efforts. These include service with the Peace Corps, Teach for America, AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity, Scouting and the Innocence Project; work with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; tutoring in schools, migrant farm worker communities, shelters and after-school mentoring programs; fundraising and support for AIDS patients; teaching English here and abroad; working as emergency medical volunteers and firefighters; cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast; and coaching youth sports.

Sporting Life There are a number of varsity athletes who competed in college track and field, field hockey, ice hockey, cross-country, soccer, rugby, rowing, football, tennis, swimming, golf, baseball, gymnastics, water polo, croquet, lacrosse and equestrian events. And there are countless other athletes among them who participate in a wide range of sports, from Brazilian jiu-jitsu to white-water canoeing.

For Fun There is a principal violinist, a foxtrot and tango dance competitor, singers in concert choirs and a cappella groups, several card players, a couple of piano teachers, a poetry award-winner, a few radio show hosts and a former “Jeopardy” contestant.

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