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Yusheng Fu

People here are incredible. Our outstanding faculty team is comprised of numerous prominent academic authorities and well-known pioneers in various areas of the law. Having these scholars enables an extensive exposure to the American legal system in a global setting, facilitating the road to success for future scholars or practitioners. Your LL.M. fellows in this relatively small but diversified group make your whole year inspiring, cheerful and entertaining. You will share a lot with almost each and every member of this group, not only in terms of cultural exchange, but also struggle and success.

Among other experiences, the three-day sleepless journal try-out and later serving on the Virgina Journal of International Law were highlights, both challenging and rewarding. You’re pushed beyond what you think you’re capable of. These experiences and those like them help you to build up critical habits and form new strengths. More


Academic Information

Intellectual life is the heart of any great academic institution. At Virginia, law in its origins, impact and implications is analyzed and debated in classes, workshops, lecture programs, student organizations, and informal faculty-student exchanges. Faculty members meet with and mentor students, exploring ideas and fostering understanding and creative scholarship. Interdisciplinary thinking comes naturally at Virginia, with a third of the law faculty holding advanced degrees in fields such as psychology, economics, philosophy, history, medicine, and the social study of science and technology. In addition to the vibrant exchanges that develop freely in a community of accomplished scholars and superlative students, the Law School also promotes debate and discussion through several targeted programs.

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