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Normally it is easy to talk about a top-tier law school: high teaching standards, U.S. News ranking, excellent professors. However, UVA goes far beyond that. First, the diversity of its students creates a special place, especially for foreigners. The Charlottesville quality of life is undoubtedly one of UVA’s big secrets. I don’t know if C’ville is so good because of UVA or vice versa. Another important factor is the relatively small group of LL.M.s, which creates a great environment for integration with J.D. students. This really increases the learning experience, as does the amazing availability of professors. Last, but not least, UVA’s traditions (softball, Feb Club, Outside the Box Lunch, and several others) are the cherry on top. More

Application Checklist


Please read the complete directions on How to Apply — some of our application procedures and requirements change each year.

A complete application contains the following items:

Document Assembly Service and International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service

  • Official, school-certified transcripts of grades or marks from all colleges, universities, exchange programs and professional/graduate schools you have attended, even if you did not graduate. These should be submitted directly to LSAC in envelopes sealed by the appropriate school official, who then signs or stamps across the seal. Do not send documents certified by people other than school officials.
  • Official, school-certified proof of degree document, if proof of degree does not appear on transcript. This document should be sent directly to LSAC in an envelope sealed by the appropriate school official, who then signs or stamps across the seal. Please do not send documents certified by people other than school officials.
  • An official statement of class rank from the institution at which you earned or will earn your first degree in law. These should be submitted directly to LSAC in envelopes sealed by the appropriate school official who then signs or stamps across the seal. If such rankings are not provided by your school, provide a statement to this effect along with a detailed explanation of the grading system employed and a self-evaluation of your performance within that system.

English Proficiency or TOEFL scores

  • An official TOEFL, or IELTS score report submitted to LSAC or to UVA.
  • More information about English language requirement and TOEFL scores is available at How to Apply.
  • If you feel you meet one of the very limited exceptions to this requirement, please contact the Graduate Studies Office before December 1 to confirm.
  • We offer a service available to applicants who wish to supplement their standardized English test scores through InitialView. InitialView offers unscripted interviews with native English speakers who completed their university education in the United States. This allows applicants to converse in a live setting about their unique backgrounds and goals, and to further demonstrate their English language proficiency. InitialView will send a recording of the interview to designated law schools indicated by the applicants, as additional material for review. For further information and to schedule an interview, please contact InitialView at
Letters of Recommendation
  • At least two, but no more than four, letters of recommendation, sent to LSAC for processing.  Please follow the instructions provided in your account. More information on the letters of recommendation is available here.
  • Please add to your safe senders lists.  Offers of admission and other important information are communicated through email. 
  • Advise us immediately of any mailing or email address changes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only complete applications are reviewed by the Graduate Committee. The deadline for completed applications is Feb. 1 (April 1 for S.J.D.s). Applications completed after that date will be reviewed at the committee's discretion.

See How to Apply for details.

If you have a problem accessing the application, please contact LSAC at

If you would like to obtain a printed copy of our program brochure, contact us at  Our program brochure does not include an application form.

Virginia In-State Educational Privileges

If you are applying for admission as an in-state student, complete the Application for In-State Educational Privileges and submit it directly to the Committee on Virginia Status. The form should be sent either via fax to 434-982-2663, or via email to or If you email the form, please be sure that it is a scanned copy with your actual signature on it. This form is not transmitted electronically by LSAC and must be sent separately. We cannot classify you as a resident candidate without this form. If you have any questions about the form or your residency status, please contact the Virginia Status Office at 434-982-3391 or 434-982-3397.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless the University rules that you are entitled to Virginia in-state educational privileges, you will be classified as an out-of-state student for all purposes including tuition.

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