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LL.M.s here get to taste a lot of J.D. experiences. We are dispersed into classes of J.D.s. Sitting in a class with the smartest students in the country, I am very much inspired by the open-ended class discussions and the back-and-forth interactions with professors and various professionals who are teaching at UVA law.

The close relationship between the students and the faculty is another highlight of UVA Law. All faculty and professors are very friendly to international students. I even took a professor to lunch [through a program the Law School offers] and had a long conversation with my professor about the subject of the class and my personal development. More



The faculty at Virginia represents leading scholars and acknowledged experts in all aspects of public and private law. At Virginia, professors commit to more than just leading classes. UVA Law faculty members believe teaching and building relationships with students are fundamental to the law school  experience. Professors are leaders in the intellectual life of the community, organizing and speaking at lectures and other events, working with student organizations, volunteering for pro bono service and fostering new academic programs when they find student interest. The faculty is enriched each year by visitors from other leading law schools in the United States and abroad.   

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