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Computer Recommendations and Email Information for the Class of 2018 and the Transfer Class of 2017

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Creating UVA Email Accounts

There are several steps involved in activating your UVA email account. Before you get started you should look for an email from the Law School Office of Financial Aid referring to the Student Information System (SIS).  That email will have a computing ID and student ID number that will be necessary to activate your UVA email account.  If you cannot find that initial email, please notify us or the Financial Aid office.  When you have your computing ID and student ID number, you can proceed to Step 1 of email activation.

Step 1:  If you have not done so already, create your initial UVA SIS password.  Using the computing ID and student ID from the email, go to the following website and set your initial UVA SIS password: https://whois.virginia.edu/applicants/

If you already have a working SIS password, you can skip this step and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2With your computing id and initial SIS password in hand, you can begin the activation of your UVA email account. To do this you will have to review proper policies and procedures for email and complete the Responsible Computing Quiz. All of this can be found at: http://itc.virginia.edu/accounts/studentaccounts.html

Once you complete the Responsible Computing Quiz, you should be able to access your UVA email by going to www.mail.virginia.edu. Your username will be your computing ID and your password will be your SIS password obtained previously. This password may change once you set your permanent password later.

And here is a link to some helpful FAQs if you have some common questions as you get started with UVA email: http://itc.virginia.edu/email/student/faq.html

Accessing Your UVA Email

As an incoming UVA student, you will have a University-provided email account for electronic mail. This account is hosted by Google as a university Gmail account. I will list email activation directions below, which may be confusing but should work properly.  If you have continued trouble in creating your UVA email account, please contact us at LawITC or the central UVA ITC Help Desk so that we can sort it out together.

Once you have completed the steps for activating your UVA email account, you can use Webmail (www.mail.virginia.edu) as an easy way to confirm that you have access to your email accounts without configuring an email client. This is very important.  Official Law School communications will gradually transition to your UVA email accounts as the fall semester draws nearer. Please note that if you have any problems accessing your email account, you can contact the main UVA ITC Help Desk by phone at (434) 924-3731 or via email (consult@virginia.edu).

You will be able to use UVA WebMail all summer with your initially generated email/NetBadge password. However, you will be unable to set a permanent email/NetBadge password until you pick up your physical UVA ID card and complete the required Identity Proofing steps at that time. Several UVA services will remain unavailable to you until you have completed Identity Proofing and have set a permanent password, so it is highly recommended for you to get your UVA ID card and complete ID proofing before Orientation. UVA ID Office

Computer Purchasing for UVA Students

As you may or may not know, Virginia Law has a laptop requirement.  If you would like to see the requirements for incoming 1Ls, the information is online at: www.law.virginia.edu/main/pc+purchase

We offer a Dell Latitude and a MacBook laptop option that are optimized to be supported for your three years of Law School.  We specialize in servicing these models and can order parts and diagnose software problems with greater efficiency for these laptops. As we have in the past, we are extending our loaner laptop eligibility to cover any laptop offered by Cavalier Computers so if you find a model that you prefer being offered to the Undergrads or the Darden students, you are welcome to purchase it. We won’t be able to give you an identical loaner laptop but we will attempt to service it to the best of our ability. Please make a note of ordering deadline if you would like for your laptop to be here before orientation. To check out the currently offered Law Bundles, follow this link: www.uvastudentcomputers.com

If you already own a laptop or would prefer to purchase something else, you are welcome to provide a laptop of your choosing, but we will not be able to offer extensive hardware support and you will not be eligible for a loaner laptop for non-Bundle owners. The main things to configure on your own are security updates (such as Windows and Apple Updates), antivirus and wireless networking. You MUST be up-to-date with security updates from Microsoft or Apple to join the UVA network properly. Once you have your email account up and running we can assist you with all of these configuration items. 

We also expect that many of you will have smart phones that you may want to connect to some UVA systems as well. We will be available to help you setup your mobile devices but you can also find information about setting up supported mobile devices on this page: http://its.virginia.edu/mobile/

If you know that you will be in town before orientation, feel free to stop by WB399 or contact lawitc@virginia.edu to get help with your configuration. 

We will also have a series of laptop configuration workshops during the first week of classes for all incoming students. 

If you have any questions about getting started with computing at the Law School, please do not hesitate to contact Law ITC directly by email at lawitc@virginia.edu