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Daniel, Leah U.SL305(434)
Davidson, John E.Lecturer
Davies, Sarah E.Assistant Dean for Student AffairsSL109A(434) 924-1363
Dean's OfficeWB319(434)
Dean, Richard N.Lecturer
Decker, Robert J.Lecturer
Deeks, Ashley S.Associate Professor of Law
Senior Fellow, Center for National Security Law
WB373(434) 243-2166
Denison, Thomas R.LecturerWB348C (Nov. 2-12)(434) 243-3631
Derrick, Cynthia (Cindy) A.SL244A(434)
Development/Law School FoundationSL316
University of Virginia School of Law
580 Massie Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903-1738

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Luis Alvarez Jr. '88
President and Chief Executive Officer

Helen M. Snyder '87
Chief Operating Officer and Director of Annual Giving
(434) 924-3466
Toll-free: (877) 307-0158
Dienelt, JohnLecturer
Doherty, BenjaminHead of Instructional ServicesWB234(434) 924-7726
Donovan, JimAdjunct ProfessorWB368A (8/28; 9/11;9/25; 10/2; 10/30; 11/6; 11/20)
Donovan, Kevin M.Senior Assistant Dean for Career ServicesSL229(434) 982-6119
Doran, MichaelRoy L. & Rosamond Woodruff Morgan Professor of LawWB346(434) 924-6331
Draper, Cindy L.WB354B(434)
Dudley Jr., Earl C.Professor EmeritusSL354
Duffy, John F.Samuel H. McCoy II Professor of Law
Elizabeth D. and Richard A. Merrill Professor of Law
WB302H(434) 243-8544
Dugas, JasonAssistant Dean for Academic Services and RegistrarSL107(434) 924-6024
Dugger, Helen M.Associate Director of Financial AidSL125(434) 243-3361
Dunaway, Troy W.Senior Assistant Dean for Business and FinanceWB331(434) 924-3581
Duncan, Robert B.Lecturer
Duvall, KateDirector of Student AffairsSL107A(434) 924-1173
Duxbury, NeilProfessor of Law, London School of Economics and Political ScienceWB302G (3/30-4/9)(434) 243-0698
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