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George S. Geis
Vice Dean
William S. Potter Professor of Law

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Phone: (434) 243-2341

E-mail: geis@virginia.edu

Subject Area(s): Business law, contract theory, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, venture capital

Current Course(s): Applied Problem Solving (Sc), Contracts, Current Topics In International And Operational Law (Jag)(Sc), International Human Rights (Jag)(Sc), Law And Terrorism (Jag)(Sc), Law Of Sea, Air And Space Operations (Jag)(Sc), Rule Of Law/Security Cooperation (Jag)(Sc), Special Topics In Physical And Sexual Abuse Cases (Jag)(Sc), Survey Of Military Justice (Jag)(Sc), Advanced Topics In The Law Of Armed Conflict (Jag)(Sc), International Agreements (Jag)(Sc), Rights Of The Accused (Jag)(Sc), War Crimes (Jag)(Sc)

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