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J. H. Verkerke
T. Munford Boyd Professor of Law
Director, Program for Employment and Labor Law Studies

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Phone: (434) 924-3463

E-mail: jhv3q@virginia.edu

Subject Area(s): Employment discrimination, sexual and racial harassment, disability discrimination and accommodation, employment contracts, wrongful discharge, whistleblowers, wage and hour law, employee benefits, vicarious liability, workplace safety and health, workers' compensation, mediation and arbitration of employment disputes, contract law

All Courses: Contracts , Employment Law: Contracts, Torts & Statutes , Employment Law: Health & Safety , Employment Discrimination Law , Behavioral Law and Economics (seminar) , Employment & Labor Law: A Global Perspective (seminar) , Workplace Norms and the Law (seminar) , Seminar in Ethical Values

Current Course(s): Wage And Hour Law Seminar, Employment Law: Contracts, Torts, And Statutes, Employment Law: Health And Safety

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