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John Norton Moore
Walter L. Brown Professor of Law
Director, Center for National Security Law
Director, Center for Oceans Law and Policy

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Phone: (434) 924-7441

E-mail: jnm9s@virginia.edu

Subject Area(s): International law, national security law, law of the sea, Palestinian-Israeli conflict, war on terrorism, the Gulf War, war crimes, conflict management, terrorism, nuclear weapons, Central American conflict, foreign affairs, Vietnam War, intelligence, constitutional law, democracy and the rule of law

All Courses: Indochina War: Legal & Policy, International Law, National Security Law, Oceans Law and Policy, Rule of Law: Controlling Government in Contemporary Legal Thought (seminar), War & Peace: New Thinking About the Causes of War and War Avoidance (seminar)

Current Course(s): Oceans Law And Policy, National Security Law, War And Peace: New Thinking About The Causes Of War And War Avoidance

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