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Paul B. Stephan
John C. Jeffries, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Law
John V. Ray Research Professor of Law
Director, Graduate Studies Program

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Phone: (434) 924-7098

E-mail: pbs@virginia.edu

Subject Area(s): International business and economics, Soviet and post-Soviet legal systems, international law, international taxation, federal corporate taxation, constitutional law, the Cold War, globalization, comparative law, contracts, emerging markets, international business transactions, the legal system, estate and gifts taxes, federal income tax, European law

All Courses: Colloquium in International Relations Theory (seminar), Comparative Law (seminar), Emerging Markets: Principles and Practice (seminar), Federal Income Tax, International Business Transactions, International Law and the Scholarly Process (seminar), Seminar in Ethical Values

Current Course(s): Emerging Markets: Principles And Practice, Property

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