Spring 2015
    Law No.: LAW9225
    Sched. No.: 115219183

Corporate Governance*
Section 1
Min, Geeyoung

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Days, Times (Room):W, 1540-1740 (WB105)
Capacity:30 **This information is current as of 05/29/2015 06:15:08 AM**
Current Enrollment:33 **This information is current as of 05/29/2015 06:15:08 AM**

Course Description:

The main purpose of this course is to better understand the dynamics among the key players in corporate governance -- executives, boards of directors, and shareholders -- of publicly traded companies in the United States. This course will cover the current topics including shareholder activism, broker non-votes, rating agencies, charter amendment, exclusive forum bylaws, gatekeepers, whistleblowers, and related party transactions among others. Occasionally, the issues will be examined also from the comparative corporate governance perspective. Two hours of class session will be a mixture of a lecture on the background information for each topic and in-class discussion. For a richer discussion, the class will introduce diverse or adversary perspectives on the issues.

There will be no examination. Instead, students will be asked to submit a brief reaction paper on the assigned readings before each session. Final grades will be based on the quality of the reaction papers and on participation in class discussion. Basic Corporations course is either a prerequisite or may be taken concurrently. Some tolerance for economic reasoning will be helpful.

PREREQUISITE or CONCURRENT: Corporations or Corporations (Law & Business)
COURSE REQUIREMENT: Weekly reaction papers and participation in class discussion

Prerequisites:Corporations or Corporations (Law & Business)