Spring 2015
    Law No.: LAW8621
    Sched. No.: 115210057

Patent and Licensing Clinic II
Section 1
Decker, Robert J.
Sparks, Rodney L.

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Course Description:

The second semester of the Patent and Licensing Clinic involves many of the same projects as P&L I, but in this clinic, the student can choose to work exclusively with patent attorneys drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications (and associated tasks like prior art searches and evaluations, meeting with faculty inventors, preparing information disclosure statements, etc.), or working exclusively with licensing agents to draft license agreements, negotiate licensing terms and conditions, prepare confidentiality agreements and marketing documents. Clinic participants may also evaluate inventions and computer software for patentability and commercial value; counsel U.Va. faculty inventors regarding patentability, inventorship, and the patenting process; prepare, file, and prosecute provisional U.S. patent applications; deal with patent examiners; and research current issues in the fields of intellectual property and technology transfer. Some exposure to international patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty may be possible. Resolution of disputes with licensees and possible infringers will be undertaken where appropriate. Students will work in the office of the University of Virginia Licensing & Ventures Group approximately six hours per week on fairly flexible schedule. A technical background is required. Students will be asked to provide the instructor with a statement relating to technical background (scientific, engineering, mathematical, computer, etc.) to aid in the assignment process.

ENROLLMENT LIMITATION: Students may enroll in one clinic per semester. On a space-available basis, students may petition to enroll in a second clinical offering after the add/drop period has ended.
PREREQUISITE: Patent and Licensing Clinic I
COURSE REQUIREMENT: One of the following: national patent application, patent license agreement, or software license agreement

Prerequisites:Patent and Licensing Clinic I
This course is on the professional skills course list.