Spring 2015
    Law No.: LAW9181
    Sched. No.: 115210142

SEC and Class Action Enforcement of the Federal Securities Laws *
Section 1
Vollmer, Andrew N.

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Days, Times (Room):M, 1540-1740 (WB121)
Capacity:20 **This information is current as of 05/27/2015 06:15:04 AM**
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Course Description:

The course will be about the law and practice of government law enforcement and the additional enforcement provided by private class actions. It will be based on the federal securities laws and the SEC and therefore also will provide students with a deeper knowledge of that particular substantive area and agency. The course will devote sessions to various practical aspects such as preparing a witness for SEC testimony, taking SEC testimony, writing a class action complaint, and writing a motion to dismiss the complaint. Other topics to be covered include:
  • Relief in SEC enforcement cases.
  • The SEC’s process for collecting facts and enforcement of SEC subpoenas.
  • The Wells notice process.
  • The process of settling with the SEC.
  • The theory and practice of securities class actions.
  • The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act.
  • The initial stages of a securities class action, including the filing of a complaint and a motion to dismiss.

The course will be of value to students with an interest in any type of government law enforcement, high-stakes, complicated litigation, or the securities laws. It will help develop skills widely applicable in law firms and government positions, such as collecting facts and proof, developing legal claims and defenses, drafting pleadings and motions, and making or responding to government regulatory inquiries. It will demonstrate the richness and complexity of modern law practice by addressing issues of civil procedure, administrative law, criminal law, and ethics and will provide practical exercises and extensive discussion about several situations that frequently occur during legal practice. Grades will be based on a paper of approximately 6000 words and performance in the practical exercises. To a lesser extent, class participation also will be a factor.

PREREQUISITE: Securities Regulation or Securities Regulation (Law & Business) recommended, but not required
COURSE REQUIREMENT: 6000 word paper, practical exercises, and class participation

Prerequisites:Securities Regulation or Securities Regulation (Law & Business) recommended, but not required
This course is on the professional skills course list.