Spring 2015
    Law No.: LAW9120
    Sched. No.: 115210119

Intelligence Law Reform*
Section 1
Hitz, Frederick P.

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This seminar will trace the development of intelligence law from the creation of CIA in 1947, through the Cold War, to the current War on Terrorism. It will look at the USA Patriot Act of 2001 and the more recent effort to strengthen intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination in the wake of the 9/11 attacks and the inaccurate intelligence on Iraqi WMD, both administratively and with passage of intelligence reform legislation in December 2005. We shall attempt to answer the question of whether the creation of a Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and a National Counter-Terrorist Center will really strengthen the intelligence community’s (IC) performance against the terrorist target and overcome destructive rivalries within the IC. Finally, we shall seek to decide whether the threat of international and domestic terrorism is primarily an intelligence problem or a law enforcement/military one informed by good intelligence. We shall also arrive at a view of the propriety and legality of coercive interrogations, pre-emptive incarcerations, and intrusive surveillance in a constitutional democracy. Finally, the seminar will also consider the legality and propriety of targeted assassinations of terrorists by the U.S. Intelligence Community, using the Predator drone and whether the US should set forth its aims and conditions for such use.

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