January 2015
    Law No.: LAW7631
    Sched. No.: 115110001

Applied Problem Solving (SC)
Section 1
Esterhay, John B.
Geis, George S.

Administrative Information:
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Days, Times (Room):MTWRF, 0930-1200 (SL258)
Capacity:20 **This information is current as of 05/22/2015 06:14:34 AM**
Current Enrollment:20 **This information is current as of 05/22/2015 06:14:34 AM**

Course Description:

This January term course meets Monday-Friday, January 12-16.

This short course surveys applied problem solving concepts that can be used to find the optimal solution to a given business opportunity or challenge. The course will be useful to anyone interested in learning a structured approach to problem solving, but especially to law students interested in pursuing alternative careers in business, consulting, investment banking, and private equity. The course will involve guest speakers, group activities, and a scenario-based exercise that unfolds over the week, culminating in a live presentation to a panel of distinguished business executives. Students will be assigned to a project team to work together throughout the week. There will be no exam or paper requirement. Instead, grading will be based on class participation and a final in-class presentation.

ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT: Attendance at all class sessions is required. Enrolled students who do not attend the first class session will be dropped. Students seeking to enroll in this course must attend the first class session.
COURSE REQUIREMENT: Final in-class presentation

This course is on the professional skills course list.