Fall 2014
    Law No.: LAW9104
    Sched. No.: 114821436

Regulation Of U.S. Industries*
Section 1
Christie, Mark C.

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From regulation intended to prevent another financial-system crisis to environmental regulation designed to address climate change, contemporary events and controversies highlight the importance of these questions: What are the principal regulatory policies used in the United States in different sectors of the economy? What are the public-policy goals of these regulatory regimes and are they effectively designed to achieve their goals? This seminar examines those questions from both legal and economic perspectives, and in terms of general regulatory theory. Major topics include the constitutional framework of regulation in the United States, how economic analysis informs legal and policy analysis, a review of different types of regulation, including price regulation, environmental protection and safety regulation, and the effectiveness of antitrust law in protecting competition as a price regulator. The course will also survey major industry sectors and analyze the regulatory structure of each. While an undergraduate economics degree is not a prerequisite, students are expected to learn how to apply basic economic principles in evaluating different regulatory policies.