Fall 2014
    Law No.: LAW7031
    Sched. No.: 114821440

Federal Criminal Law
Section 1
Garrett, Brandon L.

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What makes it a federal case? This course explores the scope and structure of federal criminal law, which is very different in scope, institutional dynamics, and structure, than the surrounding body of state criminal law. The course will focus on four major topics: (1) the jurisdiction of the federal government over crime, including constitutional limitations; (2) the law of federal mens rea; (3) crimes that illustrate the reach of the federal criminal law, particularly the mail and wire fraud statutes, official corruption and extortion statutes, criminal violations of constitutional rights, and federal law of criminal organizations, focusing on the remarkable RICO statute, material support of terrorism statutes, and corporate criminality; and (4) the increasingly complex field of federal sentencing law. Throughout, broader policy questions, such as federal enforcement policies, empirical data on enforcement patterns, and the merits of the federalization of crime, will be emphasized.

MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE with: Criminal Law in the Supreme Court

Mutually Exclusive with: Criminal Law in the Supreme Court