Fall 2014
    Law No.: LAW9089
    Sched. No.: 114820977

Seminar in Ethical Values (YR)*
Section 08
Hurwitz, Deena R.
Versteeg, Emiliana M.

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Credits:0Type:Yearlong seminar
Capacity:12 **This information is current as of 07/28/2014 06:13:03 AM**
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Course Description:

Seminars in Ethical Values are designed to enhance students' understanding of ethical issues and address the broader ethical and moral responsibilities of the lawyer as citizen and leader. The seminars are graded on a pass/fail basis; students earn one credit in the spring semester upon successful completion of the seminar.

This seminar will explore ethical issues related to topics in international human rights. Issues covered will include: just approaches to truth and reconciliation; ethics of international justice mechanisms; the death penalty; criminal culpability of warring combatants; and globalization. Each session will involve an in-depth discussion of one of these topics and a related film (to be viewed during the session) or text.

Assigned texts and films will likely include many of the following:

Excerpts from Samantha Power, Chasing the Flame: One Man’s Fight to Save the World (2008)
To See if I’m Smiling (2007 film)
Bamako (2006 film)
Crude (2009 film)
Dead Man Walking (1995 film)
Why We Fight (2006 film)
The Reckoning (2009 film)
Judgment at Nuremberg (1961 film)
Long Night’s Journey Into Day (2000 film)
Pray the Devil Back to Hell (2008 film)

NOTE: The seminar will comprise of four three-hour sessions, all in the fall, which will be held on Sunday evenings at the professor’s home. Students will be expected to attend and contribute in each session.

ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT: Attendance at all class sessions is required